Top 10 T20 International Batsmen Away From Home

To find out the best T20I batsmen away home, we considered all the batsmen who had a chance of coming in the top 10 based on our criteria. We then judged the batsmen who qualified on the basis of five criteria to arrive at the final top 10 batsmen away from home. It is to be noted that we have mentioned only the final 10 batsmen in all the criteria to make things uncomplicated.

The Trend Setter (TS) is the batsmen who does the best in a criteria with certain prerequisites. It is not necessary that he is ranked among the top 10. However, his rating is taking as the benchmark. If a batsman does better than the TS, he gets the max points in the criteria but others are not judged based on his rating.

It is to be noted that U.A.E. is taken as a home for Afghanistan as they have not played in their nation. Moreover, it is also taken as a second home for Pakistan as cricket was not played in their nation for a considerable time period. It must also be noted that Top Teams are the best teams according to Win/Loss ratio in a decade. Wherever applicable, performances against them are considered only if they fall in the time period when they were among the top nations.

All ratings are based on some basis. Our rating favours batsmen who have scored more runs at a high average and a good strike rate. Thus runs scored, average and strike rate are the most important criteria. So, without further ado, lets find out who are the best T20I batsmen away home.

*Note: All T20I ratings are updated till 2022-04-14


This criteria gives points for number of runs scored.

Note: To be a TS in Prolific, the batsman should have scored the maximum runs in matches Away From Home.

TSPR StirlingIRE20092020651882200.00
1RG SharmaIND20072021711845196.07
2V KohliIND20102021531808192.14
3EJG MorganENG20092021711682178.75
4AJ FinchAUS20112021411497159.09
5CH GayleWI20062021431340142.40
6GJ MaxwellAUS20122021511271135.07
7JP DuminySA20072019471227130.39
8Babar AzamPAK2016202125974103.51
9KL RahulIND201620212579384.27
10DJ MalanENG201720211771275.66


In this criteria, points are given for your average in matches Away From Home. To negate the advantages of batting in the top 3 and against weaker oppostions, we found out the averages of all batsmen at all positions and against different opposition. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Average or the C AVE. This average is the average of players who played at similar positions and against similar oppositions. We then found the Relative Average or R AVE. This average is: A batsman’s average divided by C AVE and then multiplied by 26. 26 is just a number. It doesn’t effect the ratings as everyone’s average is multiplied by it. R AVE is a more accurate average as it negates conditions, oppositions and positions.

To make the rating more interesting, we also found out the R AVE of a batsman against top oppositions. The Consistent Rating is a combination of your R AVE overall and againt top oppostions in matches Away From Home. Both the ratings are out of 150.00 points.

Note: To be a TS in Consistent, the batsman should have the best R Average while scoring a minimum of 500 runs. Against Top Teams, the qualification is reduced to 250 runs.

Against All Teams

TSMK Pandey2212512051.2024.8053.69150.00
1DJ Malan173712150.8625.8951.07142.70
2V Kohli48111808048.8626.0748.74136.17
3JP Duminy43161227045.4424.6847.88133.76
4Babar Azam243974146.3827.4943.87122.58
5KL Rahul224793244.0626.6842.93119.94
6AJ Finch4141497240.4625.6840.97114.47
7CH Gayle4041340237.2226.0137.21103.97
8RG Sharma64121845135.4825.5636.09100.82
9EJG Morgan67131682031.1524.0633.6694.03
10GJ Maxwell4661271231.7824.7033.4593.46

Against Top Teams

TSJP Duminy2711907056.6924.6859.72150.00
1JP Duminy2711907056.6924.6859.72150.00
2DJ Malan173712150.8625.8951.07128.28
3Babar Azam173742153.0027.4950.14125.93
4V Kohli3071106048.0926.0747.96120.46
5CH Gayle2741101247.8726.0147.86120.20
6KL Rahul132458141.6426.6840.57101.90
7AJ Finch3641234138.5625.6839.0598.08
8EJG Morgan4891285032.9524.0635.6089.42
9RG Sharma367972133.5225.5634.0985.62
10GJ Maxwell384910126.7624.7028.1870.77


This criteria gives points for Strike Rates (SR). Like in Average, we have found the Comparative SRs of batsmen and then their Relative SRs. The Dominant Rating is also split between your overall R SR and your R SR againt top oppostions in matches Away From Home. Both the ratings are out of 150.00 points.

Note: To be a TS in Dominant, the batsman should have the best R SR while scoring a minimum of 500 runs at an average of more than 28.00. Against Top Teams, the run qualification is reduced to 250.

Against All Teams

TSGJ Maxwell127179510868159.87126.55161.70150.00
1GJ Maxwell127179510868159.87126.55161.70150.00
2AJ Finch149795614671156.59129.12155.23143.99
3DJ Malan7124917229145.01127.20145.92135.36
4CH Gayle134090811587147.58129.92145.40134.88
5KL Rahul7935386336147.40130.77144.28133.84
6EJG Morgan1682123813081135.86125.74138.30128.29
7RG Sharma1845136416178135.26129.23133.97124.28
8V Kohli1808138016540131.01127.44131.59122.07
9Babar Azam97475410415129.18130.89126.32117.18
10JP Duminy12279958442123.32126.56124.72115.70

Against Top Teams

TSCH Gayle11016749179163.35129.92160.94150.00
1CH Gayle11016749179163.35129.92160.94150.00
2GJ Maxwell9106067745150.17126.55151.88141.55
3AJ Finch123481312156151.78129.12150.46140.23
4DJ Malan7124917229145.01127.20145.92136.00
5EJG Morgan12859229665139.37125.74141.87132.23
6KL Rahul4583233520141.80130.77138.79129.36
7RG Sharma9726978741139.45129.23138.12128.73
8Babar Azam7425278313140.80130.89137.69128.32
9V Kohli11068329327132.93127.44133.52124.44
10JP Duminy9077136531127.21126.56128.66119.91


In this criteria, we found out the top 5 scores of a batsman in matches Away From Home. Ave High Score (Ave HS) is simply the top 5 scores divided by 5.

Note: To be a TS in BIP, the batsman should have the best Ave HS.

TSAJ Finch172156898479116.00100.00
1AJ Finch172156898479116.00100.00
2CH Gayle11710090888596.0082.76
3GJ Maxwell14511375747095.4082.24
4RG Sharma1009789837989.6077.24
5V Kohli908582787782.4071.03
6KL Rahul11010170575678.8067.93
7EJG Morgan918580716778.8067.93
8Babar Azam1229065595678.4067.59
9DJ Malan1039968595576.8066.21
10JP Duminy867869685471.0061.21


This criteria gives points for the five quickest innings a batsman has played in matches Away From Home. An inning is counted in the top five only if it is of at least 30 runs. The C SR and R SR is the same as used in Dominant criteria.

Note: To be a TS in QIP, the batsman should have the highest Relative Strike Rate in his top 5 quickest innings.

TSNLTC Perera47/1932/1349/2035/1539/18237.65240.95100.00
1AJ Finch36/14156/63172/7640/1868/33231.37229.3695.19
2GJ Maxwell66/2970/3174/33145/6531/14224.42226.9994.20
3EJG Morgan57/2291/4171/3640/2185/45208.48212.2388.08
4CH Gayle77/3190/41100/48117/5740/21214.14210.9887.56
5JP Duminy68/3486/4354/2838/2069/41189.76191.9379.65
6KL Rahul110/5156/2770/36101/5439/26193.81189.7178.74
7RG Sharma62/28100/5650/2979/4655/33180.21178.4974.08
8DJ Malan99/47103/5155/3468/4659/40176.15177.2573.56
9V Kohli59/3339/2240/2472/4490/55168.54169.2870.26
10Babar Azam122/5950/2959/3890/5865/42170.80167.0269.32


The total of the above five criteria comes out to be 1000.00 points. The AWAY Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the five criteria. It is to be noted that in our overall rating, the Away Rating is 1.5 times the Home Rating; and the Unfamiliar Conditions (UC) Rating is 1.5 times the Familiar Conditions (FC) Rating. UC are In Asia for Non Asian batsmen and Outside Asia for Asian batsmen. FC are the opposite. So, here are the top 10 T20 International Batsmen in matches Away From Home.

1AJ Finch159.09114.4798.08143.99140.23100.0095.19851.05
2V Kohli192.14136.17120.46122.07124.4471.0370.26836.56
3CH Gayle142.40103.97120.20134.88150.0082.7687.56821.77
4JP Duminy130.39133.76150.00115.70119.9161.2179.65790.63
5RG Sharma196.07100.8285.62124.28128.7377.2474.08786.84
6EJG Morgan178.7594.0389.42128.29132.2367.9388.08778.73
7GJ Maxwell135.0793.4670.77150.00141.5582.2494.20767.30
8DJ Malan75.66142.70128.28135.36136.0066.2173.56757.77
9Babar Azam103.51122.58125.93117.18128.3267.5969.32734.43
10KL Rahul84.27119.94101.90133.84129.3667.9378.74715.97




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