Top 10 Best T20I Batsmen In Run Chases

To find out the best T20I batsmen in successful run chases, we considered all the batsmen who had a chance of coming in the top 10 based on our criteria. We then judged the batsmen who qualified on the basis of five criteria to arrive at the final top 10 batsmen in successful run chases. It is to be noted that we have mentioned only the final 10 batsmen in all the criteria to make things uncomplicated.

The Trend Setter (TS) is the batsmen who does the best in a criteria with certain prerequisites. It is not necessary that he is ranked among the top 10. However, his rating is taking as the benchmark. If a batsman does better than the TS, he gets the max points in the criteria but others are not judged based on his rating.

All ratings are based on some basis. Our rating favours batsmen who have scored more runs at a high average and a good strike rate. Thus runs scored, average and strike rate are the most important criteria. So, without further ado, lets find out who are the best T20I Chase Masters.

*Note: All T20I ratings are updated till 2022-04-14


This criteria gives points for number of runs scored.

Note: To be a TS in Prolific, the batsman should have scored the maximum runs in Successful Chases.

TSV KohliIND20102021311408200.00
1V KohliIND20102021311408200.00
2EJG MorganENG2009202133836118.75
3GJ MaxwellAUS2012202128737104.69
4Shoaib MalikPAK200620203468296.88
5JM BairstowENG201120212055478.69
6JC ButtlerENG201120212150371.45
7Yuvraj SinghIND200720172044663.35
8CL WhiteAUS200720141529742.19
9Najibullah ZadranAFG201220211829642.05
10MEK HusseyAUS200520121225536.22


In this criteria, points are given for your average in Successful Chases. To negate the advantages of batting in the top 3 and against weaker oppostions, we found out the averages of all batsmen at all positions and against different opposition. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Average or the C AVE. This average is the average of players who played at similar positions and against similar oppositions. We then found the Relative Average or R AVE. This average is: A batsman’s average divided by C AVE and then multiplied by 26. 26 is just a number. It doesn’t effect the ratings as everyone’s average is multiplied by it. R AVE is a more accurate average as it negates conditions, oppositions and positions.

Note: To be a TS in Consistent, the batsman should have the best R Average while scoring a minimum of 300 runs.

TSV Kohli291614080108.3126.07108.02200.00
1MEK Hussey652550255.0023.50282.14200.00
2CL White129297099.0023.67108.73200.00
3V Kohli291614080108.3126.07108.02200.00
4Najibullah Zadran128296074.0024.0380.07148.24
5JC Buttler158503071.8623.7078.84145.97
6JM Bairstow156554061.5624.4065.59121.43
7Shoaib Malik2817682062.0024.9264.68119.76
8EJG Morgan2813836055.7324.0660.22111.49
9Yuvraj Singh179446055.7524.2959.68110.49
10GJ Maxwell226737246.0624.7048.4989.78


This criteria gives points for Strike Rates (SR). Like in Average, we have found the Comparative SRs of batsmen and then their Relative SRs.

Note: To be a TS in Dominant, the batsman should have the best R SR while scoring a minimum of 300 runs at an average of more than 28.00.

TSShahid Afridi3371992617169.35127.70169.75200.00
1GJ Maxwell7374566237161.62126.55163.47192.60
2JM Bairstow5543445525161.05127.00162.31191.24
3MEK Hussey2551691712150.89125.13154.35181.86
4JC Buttler5033364223149.70127.04150.84177.72
5Najibullah Zadran2961992214148.74127.93148.83175.35
6EJG Morgan8365827237143.64125.74146.22172.28
7Yuvraj Singh4463243426137.65125.83140.03164.98
8CL White2972163010137.50126.54139.08163.87
9V Kohli1408103211736136.43127.44137.03161.45
10Shoaib Malik6826055516112.73127.60113.08133.23


In this criteria, we found out the top 5 scores of a batsman in Successful Chases. Ave High Score (Ave HS) is simply the top 5 scores divided by 5.

Note: To be a TS in BIP, the batsman should have the best Ave HS.

TSMJ Guptill1019187787185.60100.00
1GJ Maxwell11310375665682.6096.50
2V Kohli948282787381.8095.56
3JC Buttler837773675771.4083.41
4JM Bairstow866864604765.0075.93
5EJG Morgan676657575760.8071.03
6Shoaib Malik635857524354.6063.79
7MEK Hussey605953452849.0057.24
8Yuvraj Singh776038353248.4056.54
9Najibullah Zadran554442403743.6050.93
10CL White584341402842.0049.07


This criteria gives points for the five quickest innings a batsman has played in Successful Chases. An inning is counted in the top five only if it is of at least 30 runs. The C SR and R SR is the same as used in Dominant criteria.

Note: To be a TS in QIP, the batsman should have the highest Relative Strike Rate in his top 5 quickest innings.

TSEJG Morgan57/2266/3357/2949/2649/27202.92206.56100.00
1EJG Morgan57/2266/3357/2949/2649/27202.92206.56100.00
2Yuvraj Singh60/2577/3535/1838/2132/21201.67205.1499.31
3GJ Maxwell66/2931/14113/55103/5875/43194.97197.2195.47
4JM Bairstow47/1864/3444/2486/4860/35189.31190.8092.37
5V Kohli94/5040/2472/4482/5182/54165.92166.6580.68
6JC Buttler57/2932/1783/5273/4967/46161.66162.8878.85
7Najibullah Zadran55/2442/2137/2644/3240/36156.83156.9275.97
8Shoaib Malik52/3842/3138/2958/4563/49131.77132.1863.99
9MEK Hussey60/2453/3359/4545/37156.12159.7061.85
10CL White40/1843/3141/3158/45145.60147.2757.04


In this criteria, we found out the number of times a batsman had the chance of finishing the chase, that is the number of 2nd innings. We then found out the number of times he was Not Out in successful chases. Points are then given for the percentage of times he was successful in being at the crease in a successful chase. The maximum points in this criteria is 200.00.

Note: To be a TS in this criteria, the batsman should have the best Not Out percentage while playing a minimum of 25 second innings.

TSMS Dhoni341544.12200.00
1V Kohli371643.24196.04
2CL White22940.91185.45
3Najibullah Zadran21838.10172.70
4Yuvraj Singh25936.00163.20
5MEK Hussey14535.71161.90
6Shoaib Malik481735.42160.56
7EJG Morgan541324.07109.14
8JC Buttler37821.6298.02
9JM Bairstow28621.4397.14
10GJ Maxwell40615.0068.00


The total of the above five criteria comes out to be 1000.00 points. The SUC CHASES Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the five criteria. So, here are the top 10 T20 International Batsmen in Successful Chases.

1V Kohli200.00200.00161.4595.5680.68196.04933.73
2MEK Hussey36.22200.00181.8657.2461.85161.90699.08
3CL White42.19200.00163.8749.0757.04185.45697.61
4EJG Morgan118.75111.49172.2871.03100.00109.14682.69
5Najibullah Zadran42.05148.24175.3550.9375.97172.70665.23
6Yuvraj Singh63.35110.49164.9856.5499.31163.20657.88
7JM Bairstow78.69121.43191.2475.9392.3797.14656.80
8JC Buttler71.45145.97177.7283.4178.8598.02655.41
9GJ Maxwell104.6989.78192.6096.5095.4768.00647.04
10Shoaib Malik96.88119.76133.2363.7963.99160.56638.19


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