Top 20 Spin Bowlers With Best Averages In ODIs

Our One Day International (ODI) ratings take into account all matches from the first ODI match on January 5, 1971 till the below mentioned last update date.To qualify for the rating, a player must have played at least 25 innings against the Top Teams (TT). TT may be found in the last section of the rating.

*Note: All ODI Ratings are updated till 2022-06-21

Best Averages

The first list simply gives you the bowlers with best averages in ODI Cricket. The second list gives you the bowlers with best Relative Averages (R Ave). How it is calculated is explained in the highlighted sections. Only bowlers with more than 100 wickets are considered for both lists.

TOP 20 ODI Spinners With Best Averages

1Saqlain MushtaqPAK19952003165627528821.79
2BAW MendisSL2008201584332415221.87
3Saeed AjmalPAK20082015112418218422.73
4M MuralitharanSL199320113411232653423.08
5Imran TahirSA20112019104429717324.84
6SK WarneAUS19932005191754129325.74
7Abdul QadirPAK19831993100344213226.08
8GB HoggAUS19962008113418815626.85
9YS ChahalIND2016202260285410427.44
10GP SwannENG2000201376288810427.77
11K YadavIND2017202264308410928.29
12Abdur RazzakBAN20042014152606520729.30
13Shakib Al HasanBAN20062022218840128529.48
14AG CremerZIM2009201895359711930.23
15A KumbleIND199020072651041233730.90
16DL VettoriNZ19972015277967430531.72
17A ZampaAUS2016202267327410331.79
18UDU ChandanaSL19942007136481015131.85
19Mohammad NabiAFG20092022129454514232.01
20AU RashidENG20092022108536016133.29
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for bowlers is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen in the decades the bowler played.
  • Second is the average of the opposition batsmen at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s batsmen is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggest that more runs were scored by the batsmen in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was difficult to get Wkts and the bowler will benefit from this.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Bowler Ave/C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is better for bowlers. Broadly speaking, the following bowlers will benefit from this system:-

  • Bowlers who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Asian fast bowlers and Non-Asian spin bowlers whereever applicable.
  • Bowlers who have played in an era where the batsmen dominated, like the present era
  • Bowlers who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.

TOP 20 ODI Spinners With Best R Ave

1Saqlain MushtaqPAK19952003165627528821.7921.83
2BAW MendisSL2008201584332415221.8722.31
3Saeed AjmalPAK20082015112418218422.7322.41
4Imran TahirSA20112019104429717324.8422.87
5M MuralitharanSL199320113411232653423.0822.99
6K YadavIND2017202264308410928.2924.92
7GP SwannENG2000201376288810427.7726.24
8SK WarneAUS19932005191754129325.7426.26
9YS ChahalIND2016202260285410427.4426.27
10Abdul QadirPAK19831993100344213226.0826.83
11GB HoggAUS19962008113418815626.8527.08
12A ZampaAUS2016202267327410331.7928.54
13A KumbleIND199020072651041233730.9031.20
14AG CremerZIM2009201895359711930.2331.22
15Shakib Al HasanBAN20062022218840128529.4831.29
16DL VettoriNZ19972015277967430531.7231.45
17AU RashidENG20092022108536016133.2931.53
18Abdur RazzakBAN20042014152606520729.3031.95
19UDU ChandanaSL19942007136481015131.8531.96
20R AshwinIND20102022111505815133.5032.88



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