Top 10 T20I Fast Bowlers With Best BBI By Eco

Our T20 International (T20I) ratings take into account all matches from the first T20I match on February 17, 2005 till the below mentioned last update date. To qualify for the rating, a player must have played at least 20 innings against the Top Teams (TT). TT may be found in the last section of the rating.

*Note: All T20I Ratings are updated till 2022-06-21


In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 bowling performances by Economy of a bowler. Best Bowling By Economy (BBE) is the Relative Economy (ER) of the bowler in the 5 Inns. Relative ER is a more accurate ER taking in account the era in which a bowler played. Only 30+ Balls performaces are counted in this criteria. The first list gives you the bowlers with best BBE overall while the second only includes innings against the Top Teams.

Top Teams (TT)

Top Teams play an integral part in our T20I Rating. The Average (Con) and Economy (Eco) sections are divided into overall stats as well as stats against the top teams. Moreover, the best (BBW) and most economic (BBE) performances only include performances against the top teams. Here is how the Top Teams are calculated:-

  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A team is also included in top teams if it is a World Cup winner in that decade.
  • A bowler’s performace is counted in TT if he played against that team in that decade.
  • Knock Out matches of ICC World Cup are also included in TT.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.

TOP 10 T20I Pacers With Best BBE

Against All Teams

1Bhuvneshwar Kumar3.0/34.0/84.0/93.0/73.0/92.16
2KMDN Kulasekara2.0/03.0/44.0/104.0/133.0/102.36
3Umar Gul3.0/64.0/83.0/72.2/64.0/122.43
4AD Mathews3.0/44.0/83.0/84.0/114.0/132.47
5SL Malinga4.0/62.0/52.0/54.0/114.0/152.65
6JJ Bumrah2.0/53.0/83.4/104.0/114.0/122.81
7Mohammad Aamer2.0/34.0/64.0/133.0/114.0/162.91
8Mustafizur Rahman4.0/94.0/94.0/124.0/133.3/122.91
9DW Steyn3.0/64.0/93.0/94.0/134.0/152.93
10Fahim Ashraf2.4/52.0/62.0/63.0/102.0/83.03

Against Top Teams

1Bhuvneshwar Kumar3.0/34.0/93.0/73.0/94.0/122.40
2AD Mathews3.0/44.0/83.0/84.0/114.0/132.47
3Umar Gul3.0/64.0/82.2/62.0/74.0/142.72
4SL Malinga4.0/62.0/54.0/114.0/153.4/142.92
5JJ Bumrah2.0/53.0/84.0/123.0/104.0/153.18
6Mustafizur Rahman4.0/94.0/93.3/124.0/162.5/133.32
7Sohail Tanvir4.0/114.0/124.0/133.0/114.0/153.36
8KMDN Kulasekara3.0/44.0/133.0/103.0/133.0/133.38
9DW Steyn3.0/63.0/94.0/134.0/154.0/173.38
10LL Tsotsobe4.0/94.0/113.0/114.0/164.0/173.38


DECADE OF MAT12345678910

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