Top 10 Most Attacking Batsmen In T20 Internationals

If we take a minimum of 1,000 runs and a minimum average of 28.00, Glenn Maxwell of Australia has the best strike rate ever in T20 Internationals. He is followed by Colin Munro of New Zealand. The first list on our site gives you the top 10 batsmen with best strike rates in their career with the above mentioned minimum criteria for runs and average. To negate the advantages of batting positions and weaker oppositions, we found out the strike rates of all batsmen at different positions in the batting order and against different opposition. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Strike Rate or the C SR.

We then found the Relative Strike Rate or R SR. This is: A batsman’s SR divided by C SR and then multiplied by 128. 128 is just a number. It doesn’t effect the ratings as everyone’s strike rate is multiplied by it. R SR is a more accurate strike rate as it negates conditions, oppositions and positions. The second list gives you the top 10 batsmen with best Relative Strike Rates in T20Is. The difference in the ratings is not as drastic as in ODIs, which has a longer history and where averages and strike rates have gone up with time. Nonetheless, we found out the R SR in T20Is also to keep things consistent on the site.

*Note: All T20I ratings are updated till 2022-04-14. Also only batsmen of test playing nations are considered for the T20I ratings.

Top 10 Best Strike Rates In T20Is

1GJ MaxwellAUS20122021651780112031.79158.93
2C MunroNZ20122020621724110231.35156.44
3AJ FinchAUS20112021712346154238.46152.14
4SR WatsonAUS20062016561462100629.24145.33
5DJ MalanENG2017202124100369550.15144.32
6Najibullah ZadranAFG2012202154106074533.13142.28
7KL RahulIND20162021451557109539.92142.19
8KP PietersenENG2005201336117683137.94141.52
9JC ButtlerENG20112021711723122230.23141.00
10CH GayleWI20062021571656117631.25140.82

Top 10 Best Relative Strike Rates In T20Is

1GJ MaxwellAUS201220211780112031.79158.93126.55160.75
2C MunroNZ201220201724110231.35156.44128.10156.32
3AJ FinchAUS201120212346154238.46152.14129.12150.82
4SR WatsonAUS200620161462100629.24145.33127.76145.60
5DJ MalanENG20172021100369550.15144.32127.20145.22
6KP PietersenENG20052013117683137.94141.52125.15144.74
7Najibullah ZadranAFG20122021106074533.13142.28127.93142.36
8JC ButtlerENG201120211723122230.23141.00127.04142.07
9DA MillerSA201020211525109231.12139.65126.66141.13
10EJG MorganENG200920212311166929.63138.47125.74140.95

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