Top 10 T20I Batsmen With The Ability To Score Quick

To find out the batsmen with the ability to score quick, we took their top 5 quickest innings in T20 Internationals. An inning is counted in the top five only if it is of at least 30 runs. We then rated the batsmen on the basis of their Relative Strike Rates (R SR) in the five innings. R SR is a more accurate strike rate as it negates conditions, oppositions and positions. We call this criteria Quick Innings Potential or QIP. So here are the top 10 T20I batsmen with best QIP.

*Note: All T20I ratings are updated till 2022-04-14. Also only batsmen of test playing nations are considered for the T20I ratings.

Top 10 Batsmen In T20Is With Best QIP

1C MunroNZ50/1466/2357/2176/3346/21263.39128.10263.18
2Yuvraj SinghIND58/1660/2570/3041/1877/35246.77125.83251.03
3NLTC PereraSL47/1932/1349/2035/1539/18237.65126.25240.95
4KA PollardWI38/1138/1534/1563/2954/26236.46126.55239.17
5AB de VilliersSA69/2871/2979/3446/2064/29235.00126.86237.12
6Najibullah ZadranAFG31/1033/1169/3055/2472/35236.36127.93236.50
7AJ FinchAUS36/14156/6337/16172/7640/18235.83129.12233.78
8GJ MaxwellAUS66/2970/3174/33145/6531/14224.42126.55226.99
9DA MillerSA101/3665/2940/1885/4533/18221.92126.66224.26
10EJG MorganENG57/2271/3191/4166/3371/36218.40125.74222.33

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