Top 25 ODI Batsmen With The Ability To Score Big

* All stats in the article are till 31/12/2020

To calculate the best batsmen with the ability to score big, we took their top 5 scores in ODI cricket. We then simply rated them on the aggregate of their 5 best scores. The Ave HS or Average High Score is the total of the top five innings of a batsman divided by 5. Here are the top 25 ODI batsmen with the best Big Innings Potential (BIP):-

1RG Sharma264209208171162202.8
2SR Tendulkar200186175163152175.2
3MJ Guptill237189180138122173.2
4DA Warner179178173166163171.8
5CH Gayle215162153152152166.8
6IVA Richards189181153149138162.0
7V Sehwag219175146130126159.2
8V Kohli183160157154140158.8
9ST Jayasuriya189157152151140157.8
10Fakhar Zaman210193138117114154.4
11AB de Villiers176162149146136153.8
12BC Lara169156153146139152.6
13TM Dilshan161160160144137152.4
14SC Ganguly183153144141141152.4
15HM Amla159154153150140151.2
16Q de Kock178168138135135150.8
17SR Watson185161143136126150.2
18MS Dhoni183148139139134148.6
19JJ Roy180162153123120147.6
20AC Gilchrist172154149131128146.8
21ML Hayden181158146126117145.6
22DL Haynes152148145142138145.0
23RT Ponting164145141140134144.8
24HH Gibbs175153143125125144.2
25AJ Finch153153148135124142.6

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