Top 25 Batsmen With Best Strike Rate In ODI Cricket

* All stats in the article are updated till 31/12/2020

If we take a minimum of 2,500 runs scored in career and an average of at least 32, Glenn Maxwell of Australia has the best strike rate (SR) ever in ODI cricket. He is followed by Jos Buttler of England. The first list on our site gives you the top 25 batsmen with best SRs in their career. However, SRs of batsmen in ODI cricket has gone up with time as pitches have become more and more conducive to batting. Moreover batsmen who open and who finish the game generally have a higher strike rate. To negate these advantages, we found out the SRs of all batsmen in the period a player was active and at a particular position in the batting order. Also, we found out their SRs against different opposition so that a player doesn’t get advantage of playing against weak oppositions. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Strike Rate or the C SR. This SR is the SR of players who played in the same era as the batsmen, at similar positions and against same oppositions.

We then found the Relative SR or R SR. This is: A batsman’s SR divided by C SR and then multiplied by 85. It may be considered as the SR of a batsman if all batsmen played in the same era. The second list gives you the top 25 batsmen with best Relative SRs. Maxwell and Buttler still top the list but they are followed by Viv Richards of West Indies and Virender Sehwag of India, who all cricket lovers know were the most destructive batsmen of their respective eras. So without further ado, here are the top 25 batsmen with the best strike rates and Relative SRs in one day internationals.

Top 25 Batsmen With Best Strike Rates

1GJ Maxwell201220201063230257534.36125.44
2JC Buttler201220211233872326338.72118.66
3JJ Roy20152021923598335839.98107.15
4JM Bairstow20112021793426327448.25104.64
5V Sehwag199920132458273792935.06104.34
6DA Miller201020211163331329441.12101.12
7AB de Villiers200520182189577947353.50101.10
8AC Gilchrist199620082799619992235.8996.95
9DA Warner200920201265455571045.4695.53
10BA Stokes20112021842817295740.8395.27
11Q de Kock201320211235235551844.7494.87
12S Dhawan201020211395977636545.2893.90
13SK Raina200520181945615600535.3193.51
14V Kohli20082021245121691306159.0793.17
15A Symonds199820091615088550439.7592.44
16EJG Morgan200620212267620833939.4891.38
17ST Jayasuriya19892011433134301472532.3691.21
18SR Watson200220151695757636540.5490.45
19IVA Richards197519911676721745147.0090.20
20L Klusener199620041373576397741.1089.92
21RG Sharma2007202122092051035448.9688.90
22A Flintoff199920091223394382132.0288.82
23Babar Azam20152021783808429356.8488.70
24F du Plessis201120191365507621547.4788.61
25SPD Smith201020201134378494743.3588.50

Top 25 Batsmen With Best Relative SRs

1GJ Maxwell106323034.36125.4489.23119.49
2JC Buttler123387238.72118.6690.05112.01
3IVA Richards167672147.0090.2070.24109.16
4V Sehwag245827335.06104.3482.11108.02
5Zaheer Abbas60257247.6384.8068.37105.43
6JJ Roy92359839.98107.1588.29103.15
7AB de Villiers218957753.50101.1084.37101.85
8JM Bairstow79342648.25104.6488.65100.34
9ST Jayasuriya4331343032.3691.2177.46100.08
10L Klusener137357641.1089.9277.4698.67
11A Symonds161508839.7592.4480.4197.72
12AC Gilchrist279961935.8996.9586.0595.76
13DA Miller116333141.12101.1289.8395.69
14SR Tendulkar4521842644.8386.2377.5994.47
15A Flintoff122339432.0288.8280.4093.90
16SK Raina194561535.3193.5185.3893.08
17Ijaz Ahmed232656432.3380.3073.3593.06
18PA de Silva296928434.9081.1374.5392.53
19DA Warner126545545.4695.5387.7792.52
20V Kohli2451216959.0793.1785.6092.52
21Saeed Anwar244882439.2280.6774.5691.97
22SR Watson169575740.5490.4584.2991.21
23BA Stokes84281740.8395.2788.7891.21
24Q de Kock123523544.7494.8788.4891.14
25EJG Morgan226762039.4891.3885.6990.64

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