Top 25 Batsmen With Best Averages In ODI Cricket

* All stats in the article are updated till 31/12/2020

If we take a minimum of 2,500 runs scored in career, Virat Kohli of India has the maximum average ever in ODI cricket. He is followed by Babar Azam of Pakistan, who is still early into his career. The first list on our site gives you the top 25 batsmen with best averages in their career. However, average of batsmen in ODI cricket has gone up with time. Moreover batsmen who play in the top order usually have a higher average. To negate these advantages, we found out the averages of all batsmen in the period a player was active and at a particular position in the batting order. Also, we found out their averages against different opposition so that a player doesn’t get advantage of playing against weak oppositions. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Average or the C AVE. This average is the average of players who played in the same era as the batsmen, at similar positions and against same oppositions.

We then found the Relative Average or R AVE. This average is: A batsman’s average divided by C AVE and then multiplied by 35. It may be considered as an average of a batsman if all batsmen played in the same era. The second list gives you the top 25 batsmen with best Relative Averages. Michael Bevan of Australia tops the second list, which is consistent with what we expected as Bevan had an average over 50 in an era where batsmen struggled to have an average of even 45. Viv Richards of West Indies jumps from 17 to 5 in the R Average list as he had an average of 47.00 when most of his contemporaries averaged below 40. So without further ado, here are the top 25 batsmen with the best averages and Relative Averages in one day internationals.

Top 25 Best Averages In ODIs

1V Kohli20082021254245391216959.07
2Babar Azam20152021807811380856.84
3SD Hope20162021817610354753.74
4MG Bevan1994200423219667691253.58
5AB de Villiers2005201822821839957753.50
6IJL Trott20092013686510281951.25
7MS Dhoni20042019350297841077350.58
8JE Root2013202014914021596250.10
9HM Amla2008201918117814811349.47
10RG Sharma2007202122722032920548.96
11JM Bairstow2011202186798342648.25
12LRPL Taylor2006202023321739858148.21
13MEK Hussey2004201218515744544248.16
14Zaheer Abbas1974198562606257247.63
15KS Williamson2010202015114414617347.48
16F du Plessis2011201914313620550747.47
17IVA Richards1975199118716724672147.00
18DA Warner200920201281266545545.46
19S Dhawan201020211421397597745.28
20CG Greenidge1975199112812713513445.04
21SR Tendulkar19892012463452411842644.83
22Q de Kock201320211231236523544.74
23DM Jones1984199416416125606844.62
24MJ Clarke2003201624522344798144.59
25JH Kallis19962014328314531157944.36

Top 25 Best Relative Averages In ODIs

1MG Bevan19942004196691253.5832.8557.09
2V Kohli200820212451216959.0738.6053.56
3MS Dhoni200420192971077350.5834.1751.80
4Zaheer Abbas1974198560257247.6332.2051.77
5IVA Richards19751991167672147.0032.1251.22
6AB de Villiers20052018218957753.5037.2350.30
7Babar Azam2015202178380856.8439.9749.77
8CG Greenidge19751991127513445.0431.7749.61
9MEK Hussey20042012157544248.1634.2649.20
10L Klusener19962004137357641.1030.0147.95
11DM Jones19841994161606844.6232.7247.73
12SD Hope2016202176354753.7439.9247.12
13RG Sharma20072021220920548.9636.6846.72
14IJL Trott2009201365281951.2538.4246.69
15HM Amla20082019178811349.4737.6645.98
16JM Bairstow2011202179342648.2536.8245.87
17JE Root20132020140596250.1038.4745.58
18DL Haynes19781994237864841.3832.0345.21
19SR Tendulkar198920124521842644.8334.8445.04
20LRPL Taylor20062020217858148.2137.5244.97
21Javed Miandad19751996218738141.7032.9544.30
22ML Hayden19932008155613343.8135.3443.39
23DA Warner20092020126545545.4636.8043.23
24MJ Clarke20032016223798144.5936.2143.10
25JH Kallis199620143141157944.3636.1043.01

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