Top 25 Batsmen With Most Runs In ODI Cricket

Desmond Haynes of West Indies was the first batsman to score 8,000 runs in ODI cricket. He ended his career as the highest run-scorer in ODIs with 8648 runs. His record for most runs was broken by Mohammad Azharuddin of India. He pushed the record to 9378 runs by the time he finished his career. Sachin Tendulkar of India broke Azharuddin’s record tally of runs on October 15, 2000 during the final of the ICC KnockOut tournament. Since then, Sachin has held this prestigious record. He took it to a whooping 18426 runs by the time he retired in 2012. The record of Sachin is not breaking till date. The active batsman with most ODI runs is Virat Kohli of India who has scored 12040 runs till December 31, 2020.

After this brief history of the top run scorer in ODI cricket, here are the top 25 batsmen with the most runs in ODI cricket till date, i.e. 31/12/2020.

1SR Tendulkar19892012463452414944.8318426
2KC Sangakkara20002015404380412541.9914234
3RT Ponting19952012375365393042.0413704
4ST Jayasuriya19892011445433182832.3613430
5DPMD Jayawardene19982015448418391933.3812650
6V Kohli20082021254245394359.0712169
8JH Kallis19962014328314531744.3611579
9SC Ganguly19922007311300232241.0211363
10R Dravid19962011344318401239.1710889
11MS Dhoni20042019350297841050.5810773
12CH Gayle19992019301294172537.8310480
13BC Lara19902007299289321940.4910405
14TM Dilshan19992016330303412239.2710290
15Mohammad Yousuf19982010288273401541.729720
16AC Gilchrist19962008287279111635.899619
17AB de Villiers20052018228218392553.509577
18M Azharuddin1985200033430854736.929378
19PA de Silva19842003308296301134.909284
20RG Sharma20072021227220322948.969205
21Saeed Anwar19892003247244192039.228824
22S Chanderpaul19942011268251401141.608778
23Yuvraj Singh20002017304278401436.568701
24DL Haynes19781994238237281741.388648
25LRPL Taylor20062020233217392148.218581

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