Top 10 Six Hitters In T20 Internationals

To find out the most dangerous batsmen in T20 cricket, we considered all the batsmen who had a chance of coming in the top 10 based on our criteria. We then judged the batsmen who qualified on the basis of four criteria to arrive at the final top 10 six hitters in T20Is. It is to be noted that we have mentioned only the final 10 batsmen in all the criteria to make things uncomplicated.

The Trend Setter (TS) is the batsmen who does the best in a criteria with certain prerequisites. It is not necessary that he is ranked among the top 10. However, his rating is taking as the benchmark. If a batsman does better than the TS, he gets the max points in the criteria but others are not judged based on his rating.

It must be noted that Top Teams are the best teams according to Win/Loss ratio in a decade. Wherever applicable, performances against them are considered only if they fall in the time period when they were among the top nations.

All ratings are based on some basis. Our rating favours batsmen who have scored more runs at a high average and a good strike rate. Thus runs scored, average and strike rate are the most important criteria. So, without further ado, lets find out who are the most dangerous batsmen in T20 Internationals.


This criteria gives points for the total number of sixes scored in your overall career.

Note: To be a TS in Prolific, the batsman should have scored the maximum sixes.

TSMJ GuptillNZ20092021102147300.00
1MJ GuptillNZ20092021102147300.00
2RG SharmaIND20072021111133271.43
3EJG MorganENG20092021102113230.61
4C MunroNZ2012202065107218.37
5CH GayleWI2006202161106216.33
6AJ FinchAUS2011202171104212.24
7GJ MaxwellAUS201220217293189.80
8KA PollardWI200820217985173.47
9SR WatsonAUS200620165883169.39
10E LewisWI201620213577157.14


This criteria gives points for the number of sixes hit per inning (SPI). To make the rating more interesting, we also found out the SPI of a batsman against top oppositions. The Consistent Rating is a combination of your overall SPI and againt top oppostions. Both the ratings are out of 150.00 points.

Note: To be a TS in Consistent, the batsman should have the highest Sixes Per Inn with 50 or more sixes in career. For Top Teams, this is reduced to 30 sixes

Against All Teams

TSE Lewis34772.26150.00
1E Lewis34772.26150.00
2CH Gayle571061.86123.17
3C Munro621071.73114.31
4MJ Guptill981471.5099.35
5SR Watson56831.4898.17
6AJ Finch711041.4697.02
7GJ Maxwell65931.4394.77
8KA Pollard65851.3186.61
9RG Sharma1031331.2985.53
10EJG Morgan971131.1677.16

Against Top Teams

TSE Lewis15422.80150.00
1E Lewis15422.80150.00
2CH Gayle39972.49133.24
3MJ Guptill691081.5783.85
4C Munro44641.4577.92
5SR Watson40561.4075.00
6KA Pollard44611.3974.27
7AJ Finch57781.3773.31
8EJG Morgan72921.2868.45
9GJ Maxwell55671.2265.26
10RG Sharma58611.0556.34


In this criteria, points are given for the number of balls a batsman takes to hit a six (BPS). The lower the BPS, the better the rating. Like in the previous criteria, we have divided this criteria into overall and top teams.

Note: To be a TS in Dominant, the batsman should have the lowest Balls Per Six with 50 or more sixes in career. For Top Teams, this is reduced to 30 sixes.

Against All Teams

TSE Lewis635778.25150.00
1E Lewis635778.25150.00
2C Munro110210710.30120.11
3KA Pollard9308510.94113.06
4CH Gayle117610611.09111.50
5GJ Maxwell11209312.04102.72
6SR Watson10068312.12102.06
7MJ Guptill214814714.6184.66
8EJG Morgan166911314.7783.75
9AJ Finch154210414.8383.43
10RG Sharma206113315.5079.83

Against Top Teams

TSE Lewis298427.10150.00
1E Lewis635427.10150.00
2CH Gayle1176979.09117.05
3C Munro11026411.6191.67
4KA Pollard9306111.6491.44
5SR Watson10065613.4179.36
6GJ Maxwell11206713.4379.23
7EJG Morgan16699213.6478.02
8MJ Guptill214810814.4373.78
9AJ Finch15427815.9766.62
10RG Sharma20616116.9062.97


This criteria gives points for max sixes hit in the top five innings. The Average Most Sixes (Ave MS) is simply the sixes hit in the top 5 innings divided by 5.

Note: To be a TS in this criteria, the batsman should have the best Ave MS.

TSE Lewis1299868.80100.00
1E Lewis1299868.80100.00
2CH Gayle11108778.6097.73
3AJ Finch14106648.0090.91
4C Munro1077777.6086.36
5EJG Morgan777766.8077.27
6RG Sharma1076656.8077.27
7GJ Maxwell996556.8077.27
8MJ Guptill986656.8077.27
9KA Pollard866656.2070.45
10SR Watson766656.0068.18


The total of the above five criteria comes out to be 1000.00 points. The SIX HITTING (SH) RATING is simply the addition of the points a batsman scored in the five criteria.

1E Lewis157.14150.00150.00150.00150.00100.00857.14
2CH Gayle216.33123.17133.24111.50117.0597.73799.01
3MJ Guptill300.0099.3583.8584.6673.7877.27718.91
4C Munro218.37114.3177.92120.1191.6786.36708.74
5RG Sharma271.4385.5356.3479.8362.9777.27633.36
6AJ Finch212.2497.0273.3183.4366.6290.91623.54
7EJG Morgan230.6177.1668.4583.7578.0277.27615.27
8KA Pollard173.4786.6174.27113.0691.4470.45609.31
9GJ Maxwell189.8094.7765.26102.7279.2377.27609.04
10SR Watson169.3998.1775.00102.0679.3668.18592.16




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