Top 25 Batsmen At Home In Test Cricket

All Test Ratings on the website are from 01/01/1950 onwards. Our ratings are based on conditions and diverse oppositions. Before the above mentioned date, there were primarily only two teams which dominated cricket. Moreover, matches were of unequal length with some ending in 4 days and some being timeless. Post 1950, West Indies and South Africa grew as test teams. Moreover, Asian teams India and Pakistan started improving after 1950 and became compenent at home at least. Performance in Asia and outside Asia are integral to our overall rating. How the rating works is explained in highlighted sections. So, here are the Top 25 batsmen in matches At Home

*Note: All Test Ratings are updated till 2022-06-21

HOME Rating

This rating only includes stats of batsmen in matches At Home. The rating is divided into sections to make it easy to understand how it is calculated. Before each section, its criteria is highlighted in bold. Our ratings are dynamic, and as new matches are played, the rating of earlier batsmen may change if current batsmen set new benchmarks. It is to be noted that U.A.E. is considered as a second Home for Pakistan and all stats of Pakistani batsmen are calculated accordingly.

The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter (TS) is the player which does the best in a criteria. The rating of all other players are calculated as percentage points of TS. Let’s taken an example to understand it:-

  • Let’s assume that Sachin Tendulkar has scored 10,000 runs, which is the highest. This makes him the TS.
  • Another player, say Virat Kohli, has scored 5,000 runs.
  • If the rating is out of 250, Sachin will get the full points (pts), that is 250.
  • The points of Kohli are calculated as His Runs/Sachin’s Runs*250. This comes out to be 125.
  • Thus the formula is (Runs Scored/Runs Scored By TS)*Max Points.
  • All ratings are calculated similarly with Runs being replaced by the Criteria Stat.
  • For Average, a batsman is eligible to be TS only if he has scored a minimum number of runs, which is mentioned in the qualificaton.
  • For Strike Rate, a batsman is eligible to be TS only if he has scored a minimum number of runs and has a minimum average, which are mentioned in the qualificaton.
  • Lastly, it is to be noted that it is not necessary for a TS to be part of the rating as he might have topped in a criteria but not done well in others.


Min Innings20
Min Innings v/s Top Teams10
Min Runs (TS AVE)1500
Min Runs v/s Top Teams (TS AVE)1000
Min Runs (TS SR)1000
Min Average (TS SR)35
The Eras

The first criteria Prolific gives points for runs scored. We have divided cricket from 1950 onwards into 3 broad eras. This has been done to make it fair for players from earlier era, when less cricket was played, and also for current players, who are in the middle of their careers. Let’s take an example:-

  • Let’s assume Ricky Ponting has scored 10,000 runs, which is the maximum and gives him 250 points.
  • Now, say Viv Richards in earlier times scored 5,000 runs, which was the max for his era.
  • If there are no eras, he would get 50% of the pts, that is 125.
  • Instead of that, we reduced 50 pts (according to %age) from the max to arrive at the figure of 200 pts for Richards.
  • Now, everyone in his era is compared to Richards and not Ponting.
  • So a player who has scored 1,000 runs in Richards’ era will get (1000/5000)*200 pts or 40pts.
  • Eras are calculated by MP, which is the mean of the years a player: First Played (FP) and Last Played (LP).


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored

Era 1MP before 1991
Era 2MP between 1990 and 2016
Era 3MP greater than 2015
TSGA GoochENG1975199519851315917230.00
1GA GoochENG1975199519851315917230.00
2SM GavaskarIND1971198719791085067196.96
3GS ChappellAUS197019841977964515175.50
4Javed MiandadPAK197619931984.5864481174.18
5GS SobersWI195419741964754075158.40
6DL HaynesWI197819941986843868150.35
TSRT PontingAUS199520122003.51547578250.00
1RT PontingAUS199520122003.51547578250.00
2SR TendulkarIND1989201320011537216238.06
3DPMD JayawardenaSL199720142005.51297167236.44
4JH KallisSA1995201320041437035232.09
5KC SangakkaraSL200020152007.51246830225.32
6AN CookENG2006201820121556568216.68
7BC LaraWI1990200619981116217205.10
8S ChanderpaulWI199420152004.51336187204.11
9ML HaydenAUS199420092001.5985210171.88
10V SehwagIND200120132007894656153.60
11MJ ClarkeAUS200420152009.5864654153.54
12KP PietersenENG200520142009.5894537149.68
13Younis KhanPAK200020172008.5844382144.56
TSJE RootENG2012202220171095314220.00
1JE RootENG2012202220171095314220.00
2DA WarnerAUS201120222016.5874824199.71
3SPD SmithAUS201020222016733901161.50
4V KohliIND201120222016.5713847159.27
5KS WilliamsonNZ201020222016663788156.82
6RG SharmaIND201320222017.530176072.86
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for batsmen is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen at particluar positions (1-11) in a decade.
  • Second is the average of the opposition bowlers at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s bowlers is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggests that more runs were given by bowlers in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was easier to score runs against those oppositions and in those positions.
  • The batsmen’s points will thus be decreased accordingly.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Batsman’s Ave/His C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is worse for batsmen. Broadly speaking, the following batsmen will benefit from this system:-

  • Openers, who face the new ball.
  • Lower order batsmen, whose averages are lower.
  • Batsmen who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Batsmen who have played in an era where the bowlers dominated, like the 1980s or late 2010s
  • Batsmen who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.
Top Teams (TT)

The R Ave Rating is divided into two parts:-

  • One is Overall which gives points for the overall R Ave.
  • The second part is Against Top Teams, which gives points for R Ave against top teams.
  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • Further, they are divided into In Asia and Outside Asia.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams in the specific condition (Asia or outside Asia) or among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A batsman’s performace is counted in TT if he palyed against it in the specific condition and in the specific decade.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.


Criteria: Points For Relative Average

Against All Teams

TSRG Sharma3061760773.3335.4372.45200.00
1RG Sharma3061760773.3335.4372.45200.00
2GS Sobers751440751466.8034.2568.27188.46
3SPD Smith731139011462.9233.7865.20179.98
4DA Warner87748241860.3032.7964.36177.67
5KS Williamson66837881365.3135.6064.21177.26
6MJ Clarke861146541762.0536.7459.11163.19
7Javed Miandad861344811461.3836.6758.58161.73
8DL Haynes841538681056.0633.5158.55161.65
9V Kohli71838471361.0636.8258.05160.26
10BC Lara111562171758.6535.8557.26158.07
11ML Hayden98852102157.8935.7756.64156.36
12S Chanderpaul1332761871958.3736.2356.38155.65
13JE Root1091053141653.6833.6455.85154.17
14GS Chappell961345151654.4034.2555.58153.45
15KC Sangakkara1241168302260.4438.1355.49153.18
16DPMD Jayawardena129971672359.7338.1954.74151.11
17JH Kallis1431970352356.7336.4854.43150.27
18RT Ponting1542175782356.9836.6454.43150.26
19V Sehwag89346561354.1435.4653.44147.52
20Younis Khan84743821856.9137.5653.03146.39
21SM Gavaskar108750671650.1734.5350.86140.40
22KP Pietersen89345371552.7637.1249.75137.33
23SR Tendulkar1531672162252.6737.2049.56136.82
24GA Gooch131359171546.2332.8449.27136.01
25AN Cook155765681544.3834.6144.88123.89

Against Top Teams

TSGS Sobers601233981170.7934.2572.34200.00
1GS Sobers601233981170.7934.2572.34200.00
2RG Sharma2131207567.0635.4366.25183.14
3MJ Clarke60635071464.9436.7461.87171.04
4SPD Smith63832061158.2933.7860.40166.98
5DL Haynes70133255857.1133.5159.65164.90
6JE Root76638141354.4933.6456.69156.72
7Javed Miandad4792242859.0036.6756.31155.67
8DA Warner71534811352.7432.7956.29155.62
9BC Lara87447541157.2835.8555.92154.59
10Younis Khan61433751559.2137.5655.17152.53
11DPMD Jayawardena92651561859.9538.1954.95151.90
12V Kohli5272589857.5336.8254.69151.21
13GS Chappell761134521353.1134.2554.27150.03
14ML Hayden64432701454.5035.7753.32147.42
15S Chanderpaul971743711454.6436.2352.78145.91
16RT Ponting991049091755.1636.6452.69145.67
17KP Pietersen51227181055.4737.1252.31144.61
18V Sehwag66233481052.3135.4651.63142.75
19JH Kallis981246121653.6336.4851.45142.24
20KC Sangakkara87645241255.8538.1351.27141.75
21KS Williamson3131443651.5435.6050.67140.07
22SM Gavaskar97643941348.2934.5348.95135.32
23SR Tendulkar101944211348.0537.2045.22125.00
24GA Gooch9913874839.5332.8442.13116.47
25AN Cook8913457539.2834.6139.73109.82
Ave HS

In this criteria, we have taken the top 7 scores of the batsman in the specific condition. Average High Score (Ave HS) is simply the total runs in the 7 innings divided by 7.


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored In The Top 7 Inns

TSBC Lara400*375213209196176167248.00200.00
1BC Lara400*375213209196176167248.00200.00
2DPMD Jayawardena374242237213*195180174230.71186.06
3KC Sangakkara287232222*221219200*199*225.71182.03
4RT Ponting257242221209207197196218.43176.15
5V Kohli254*243235213211204167218.14175.92
6V Sehwag319293201173173165164212.57171.43
7MJ Clarke329*259*230210166148145*212.43171.31
8GA Gooch333210196183174154*154200.57161.75
9DA Warner335*253180163154145144196.29158.29
10KS Williamson251242*238200*176130129195.14157.37
10GS Sobers365*226178*153152147145195.14157.37
12Javed Miandad280*211206203*163154*145194.57156.91
13SR Tendulkar217214201*179177176176191.43154.38
14Younis Khan313213199194153136131*191.29154.26
15JE Root254200*190180*180176154*190.57153.69
16SM Gavaskar236*205182*176172166155184.57148.85
17ML Hayden380197153138137136136182.43147.12
18JH Kallis224201*186177162161160181.57146.43
19AN Cook294243162160147133130181.29146.20
20KP Pietersen226202*175158158152149174.29140.55
21GS Chappell204201182*182150*144124169.57136.75
22SPD Smith239192165*162*141*138134*167.29134.91
23S Chanderpaul203*166153*147*140137*136*154.57124.65
24RG Sharma212177176161127111*102*152.29122.81
25DL Haynes167145143*136131125112*137.00110.48

The Comparative Strike Rate (C SR) and Relative Strike Rate (R SR) for batsmen is calculated using the same method as in C Ave and R Ave with average replaced with SR. Points to note are:-

  • Batsmen from the earlier era benefit from R SR.
  • This is because SR was generally low earlier and it has incresed with time.
  • Rest of the factors are the same as in R Ave.

Balls played by batsmen for many inns is not available for earlier times. When such is the case, we have used Runs For Balls Faced (R4BF) to determine the Strike Rate. This is the runs scored by the batsman for the available data of balls.


Criteria: Points For R SR

TSN Kapil Dev2343293479.8645.3488.07150.00
1V Sehwag4656558183.4351.0481.73139.21
2DA Warner4824658473.2751.0971.71122.14
3RG Sharma1760263966.6951.2165.11110.91
4KP Pietersen4537685566.1952.1163.51108.17
5BC Lara62171030160.3549.1361.43104.63
6ML Hayden5210828562.8851.7160.80103.56
7RT Ponting75781263060.0050.7359.14100.73
8GS Chappell4487875651.2443.4758.95100.41
9GA Gooch59171147551.5643.8758.77100.11
10V Kohli3847644059.7451.5757.9198.64
11GS Sobers34775346.0840.8956.3595.99
12DL Haynes3422692749.4044.1755.9395.26
13JE Root5314924057.5151.6455.6894.84
14MJ Clarke4654803557.9252.2455.4394.42
15KC Sangakkara68301229355.5650.2355.3194.21
16SM Gavaskar3830818946.7743.5753.6791.41
17SR Tendulkar72051353953.2249.8253.4190.97
18SPD Smith3901713754.6651.4153.1690.54
19KS Williamson3788693754.6151.8152.6989.75
20DPMD Jayawardena71671366152.4650.2152.2488.98
21Younis Khan4382824553.1550.9352.1788.86
22Javed Miandad3264713445.7546.4949.2083.81
23JH Kallis70351474047.7350.5047.2580.48
24AN Cook65681367548.0352.1246.0878.49
25S Chanderpaul61871476641.9050.5841.4270.55
HM Rating

The HOME (HM) Rating is the addition of the points of all the above criteria. The rating is out of 1,000.


1RT Ponting250.00150.26145.67176.15100.73822.80
2BC Lara205.10158.07154.59200.00104.63822.40
3DPMD Jayawardena236.44151.11151.90186.0688.98814.49
4DA Warner199.71177.67155.62158.29122.14813.44
5GS Sobers158.40188.46200.00157.3795.99800.22
6KC Sangakkara225.32153.18141.75182.0394.21796.49
7JE Root220.00154.17156.72153.6994.84779.42
8V Sehwag153.60147.52142.75171.43139.21754.50
9MJ Clarke153.54163.19171.04171.3194.42753.50
10JH Kallis232.09150.27142.24146.4380.48751.51
11V Kohli159.27160.26151.21175.9298.64745.29
12SR Tendulkar238.06136.82125.00154.3890.97745.23
13GA Gooch230.00136.01116.47161.75100.11744.34
14SPD Smith161.50179.98166.98134.9190.54733.91
15Javed Miandad174.18161.73155.67156.9183.81732.30
16ML Hayden171.88156.36147.42147.12103.56726.34
17KS Williamson156.82177.26140.07157.3789.75721.28
18GS Chappell175.50153.45150.03136.75100.41716.13
19SM Gavaskar196.96140.40135.32148.8591.41712.94
20S Chanderpaul204.11155.65145.91124.6570.55700.87
21RG Sharma72.86200.00183.14122.81110.91689.73
22Younis Khan144.56146.39152.53154.2688.86686.60
23DL Haynes150.35161.65164.90110.4895.26682.64
24KP Pietersen149.68137.33144.61140.55108.17680.34
25AN Cook216.68123.89109.82146.2078.49675.08





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