Top 20 Fast Bowlers of All Time In ODI Cricket

Overall Rating

Our ratings are dynamic, and as new matches are played, the rating of earlier bowlers may change if current bowlers set new benchmarks. It is to be noted that U.A.E. is considered as a second Home for Pakistan and Afghanistan. All home and away stats of Pakistani and Afghani bowlers are calculated accordingly. The Overall Rating is divided into three main sections:-

  • Primary Rating: Which gives points for wickets, average, economy rate (ER) and best bowling performaces by wkts and ER.
  • Conditions Rating: Which gives points for performance of a bowler At Home, Away From Home, In Asia and Outside Asia
  • Secondary Rating: Which gives points for Top Form (Home and Away) and performances in World Cup.
Top Teams (TT)

Top Teams play an integral part in our ODI Rating. The Average (Con) and Economy (Eco) sections are divided into overall stats as well as stats against the top teams. Moreover, the best (BBW) and most economic (BBE) performances only include performances against the top teams. Here is how the Top Teams are calculated:-

  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A team is also included in top teams if it is a World Cup winner in that decade.
  • A bowler’s performace is counted in TT if he played against that team in that decade.
  • Knock Out and Super Six matches of ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy are also included in TT.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.
The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter (TS) is the player which does the best in a criteria. The rating of all other players are calculated as percentage points of TS. Let’s taken an example to understand it:-

  • Let’s assume that Glenn McGrath has taken 500 wkts, which is the highest. This makes him the TS.
  • Another player, say Jason Gillespie, has taken 250 wkts.
  • If the rating is out of 250, McGrath will get the full points (pts), that is 250.
  • The points of Gillespie are calculated as His Wkts/McGrath’s Wkts*250. This comes out to be 125.
  • Thus the formula is (Wkts Taken/Wkts Taken By TS)*Max Points.
  • All ratings are calculated similarly with Wkts being replaced by the Criteria Stat.
  • Obviously, for average the formula is reverased as lower average is better for a bowler.
  • For Average, a bowler is eligible to be TS only if he has taken a minimum number of wickets.
  • For Economy, a bowler is eligible to be TS only if he has bowled a minimum number of balls.
  • If a bowler doesn’t fulfill the min criteria of TS but has done better, he gets the max points but his stat is not taken as benchmark.
  • Lastly, it is to be noted that it is not necessary for a TS to be part of the rating as he might have topped in a criteria but not done well in others.


Min Innings25
Min Innings (TT)25
Min Wickets (TS AVE)100
Min Balls (TS ECO)2500


The Eras

The first criteria Prolific gives points for wkts taken. We have divided ODI cricket into 3 broad eras. This has been done to make it fair for players from earlier era, when less cricket was played, and also for current players, who are in the middle of their careers. Let’s take an example:-

  • Let’s assume Murlidharan has taken 500 wickets, which is the maximum and gives him 250 points.
  • Now, say Ravi Shastri in earlier times took 250 wkts, which was the max for his era.
  • If there are no eras, he would get 50% of the pts, that is 125.
  • Instead of that, we reduced 50 pts (according to %age) from the max to arrive at the figure of 200 pts for Shastri.
  • Now, everyone in his era is compared to Shastri and not Murlidharan.
  • So a player who has taken 50 Wkts in Shastri’s era will get (50/250)*200 pts or 40pts.
  • Eras are calculated by MP, which is the mean of the years a player: First Played (FP) and Last Played (LP).


Criteria: Points For Wickets Taken

Era 1MP before 1991
Era 2MP between 1990 and 2013
Era 3MP greater than 2012
TSN Kapil DevIND197819941986221253150.00
1N Kapil DevIND197819941986221253150.00
2Imran KhanPAK197419921983153182107.91
3RJ HadleeNZ197319901981.511215893.68
4MD MarshallWI19801992198613415793.08
5J GarnerWI1977198719829814686.56
6MA HoldingWI197619871981.510214284.19
TSWasim AkramPAK198420031993.5351502200.00
1Wasim AkramPAK198420031993.5351502200.00
2Waqar YounisPAK198920031996258416165.74
3WPUJC VaasSL199420082001320400159.36
4SM PollockSA199620082002297393156.57
5GD McGrathAUS199320072000248381151.79
6B LeeAUS200020122006217380151.39
7SL MalingaSL200420192011.5220338134.66
8AA DonaldSA199120031997162272108.37
9CEL AmbroseWI19882000199417522589.64
10NW BrackenAUS20012009200511617469.32
11SE BondNZ2002201020068014758.57
TSMA StarcAUS201020212015.599195140.00
1MA StarcAUS201020212015.599195140.00
2M MorkelSA200720182012.5114188134.97
3JJ BumrahIND2016202220197011381.13
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for bowlers is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen in the decades the bowler played.
  • Second is the average of the opposition batsmen at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s batsmen is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggest that more runs were scored by the batsmen in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was difficult to get Wkts and the bowler will benefit from this.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Bowler Ave/C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is better for bowlers. Broadly speaking, the following bowlers will benefit from this system:-

  • Bowlers who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Asian fast bowlers and Non-Asian spin bowlers whereever applicable.
  • Bowlers who have played in an era where the batsmen dominated, like the present era
  • Bowlers who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.


Criteria: Points For Relative Average

Against All Teams

TSJ Garner98275214618.8530.5719.73150.00
1J Garner98275214618.8530.5719.73150.00
2SE Bond80306914720.8832.5420.53144.19
3MA Starc99437919522.4633.8621.22139.48
4AA Donald162592627221.7932.1021.72136.28
5GD McGrath248839138122.0231.7222.22133.21
6MA Holding102303414221.3730.7222.25133.01
7RJ Hadlee112340715821.5630.2522.81129.78
8Wasim Akram3511181250223.5332.7622.98128.79
9JJ Bumrah70287311325.4235.3223.03128.50
10Waqar Younis258991941623.8432.7123.33126.88
11CEL Ambrose175542922524.1332.8023.54125.74
12B Lee217887738023.3631.3823.82124.25
13NW Bracken116424017424.3731.5024.76119.57
14SM Pollock297963139324.5131.6124.81119.31
15M Morkel114476118825.3232.5224.92118.77
16Imran Khan153484518226.6232.6026.13113.29
17WPUJC Vaas3201101440027.5433.0726.64111.11
18N Kapil Dev221694525327.4532.8526.74110.71
19MD Marshall134423315726.9632.1726.82110.38
20SL Malinga220976033828.8833.4427.63107.12

Against Top Teams

TSJ Garner96269714318.8630.5719.74150.00
1J Garner96269714318.8630.5719.74150.00
2SE Bond72290212822.6732.5422.29132.85
3AA Donald148549524522.4332.1022.36132.46
4RJ Hadlee106324215221.3330.2522.56131.28
5MA Holding100296813621.8230.7222.73130.30
6GD McGrath219768333622.8731.7223.07128.38
7Waqar Younis231905137724.0132.7123.49126.08
8Wasim Akram3111073443924.4532.7623.88124.01
9CEL Ambrose168530521624.5632.8023.96123.61
10B Lee189786833423.5631.3824.02123.29
11MA Starc82378614625.9333.8624.51120.86
12NW Bracken102386215924.2931.5024.68120.03
13M Morkel87364814325.5132.5225.11117.97
14SM Pollock255858533725.4731.6125.79114.84
15JJ Bumrah6226779428.4835.3225.80114.79
16Imran Khan148473217626.8932.6026.39112.23
17N Kapil Dev209661124027.5532.8526.83110.39
18MD Marshall132419115527.0432.1726.89110.13
19WPUJC Vaas276980533029.7133.0728.75103.03
20SL Malinga190867728430.5533.4429.24101.30

The Comparative Economy Rate (C ER) and Relative Economy Rate (R ER) for bowlers is calculated using the same method as in C Ave and R Ave with average replaced with ER. Points to note are:-

  • Modern day bowlers benefit from R ER.
  • This is because scoring rates have increased with time and it has become more difficult to be economic.
  • Rest of the factors are the same as in R Ave


Criteria: Points For R ER

Against All Teams

TSJ Garner98533027523.104.083.41150.00
1J Garner98533027523.104.083.41150.00
2SM Pollock2971571296313.684.703.52145.52
3CEL Ambrose175935354293.484.373.59142.72
4RJ Hadlee112618234073.314.093.64140.54
5MA Holding102547330343.334.113.64140.52
6GD McGrath2481297083913.884.663.75136.63
7MD Marshall134717542333.544.253.75136.44
8JJ Bumrah70370328734.665.563.77135.91
9N Kapil Dev2211120269453.724.353.85132.93
10Wasim Akram35118186118123.904.533.87132.36
11SE Bond80429530694.294.953.90131.29
12WPUJC Vaas32015775110144.194.773.95129.50
13Imran Khan153746248453.904.334.05126.40
14NW Bracken116575942404.424.884.08125.57
15AA Donald162856159264.154.494.16123.11
16M Morkel114576047614.965.324.20121.96
17MA Starc99509943795.155.504.21121.51
18B Lee2171118588774.764.944.34117.91
19SL Malinga2201093697605.355.344.51113.54
20Waqar Younis2581269899194.694.634.56112.34

Against Top Teams

TSJ Garner96521626973.104.083.42150.00
1J Garner96521626973.104.083.42150.00
2SM Pollock2551357385853.804.703.63141.22
3CEL Ambrose168900853053.534.373.64140.87
4MA Holding100532929683.344.113.66140.06
5RJ Hadlee106580232423.354.093.69138.81
6MD Marshall132706741913.564.253.77135.93
7GD McGrath2191161776833.974.663.83133.85
8N Kapil Dev2091061366113.744.353.87132.49
9JJ Bumrah62330826774.865.563.93130.49
10Wasim Akram31116270107343.964.533.93130.49
11SE Bond72393529024.424.954.02127.39
12WPUJC Vaas2761362198054.324.774.08125.79
13Imran Khan148722147323.934.334.09125.42
14NW Bracken102522838624.434.884.09125.33
15M Morkel87439236484.985.324.22121.54
16AA Donald148780954954.224.494.23121.28
17MA Starc82429737865.295.504.32118.61
18B Lee189987278684.784.944.36117.58
19Waqar Younis2311144090514.754.634.62111.08
20SL Malinga190949786775.485.344.62111.06

In this criteria, we have taken the top 7 bowling performances by Wkts of a bowler against top teams. Best Bowling By Wickets (BBW) is simply the total wickets taken in the 7 innings divided by 7.


Criteria: Points For Wkts Taken In Top 7 Inns

TSWaqar Younis7/366/266/306/446/595/115/165.86100.00
1Waqar Younis7/366/266/306/446/595/115/165.86100.00
2B Lee5/225/275/275/305/385/415/425.0085.37
3MA Starc6/286/435/265/424/274/294/324.8682.93
3SE Bond6/196/235/235/254/264/374/384.8682.93
3SM Pollock6/355/205/235/365/374/184/264.8682.93
3GD McGrath5/145/275/375/405/495/524/84.8682.93
3SL Malinga5/285/345/445/525/545/564/234.8682.93
8Wasim Akram5/165/195/215/384/184/234/244.5778.05
8CEL Ambrose5/175/265/325/534/184/294/354.5778.05
8RJ Hadlee5/255/265/325/325/384/153/94.5778.05
11NW Bracken5/475/674/194/294/294/304/314.2973.17
11WPUJC Vaas5/145/394/224/224/264/334/484.2973.17
11M Morkel5/215/384/104/224/364/394/474.2973.17
14J Garner5/315/385/474/104/453/173/174.1470.73
14AA Donald5/294/174/294/314/324/384/404.1470.73
16MA Holding5/264/174/174/264/323/283/323.8665.85
16MD Marshall4/184/234/334/344/344/373/143.8665.85
16Imran Khan6/144/274/374/373/133/153/183.8665.85
19N Kapil Dev5/434/304/314/543/173/233/233.7163.41
20JJ Bumrah5/274/434/553/353/373/373/473.5760.98

In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 bowling performances by Economy of a bowler against top teams. Best Bowling By Economy (BBE) is the Relative Economy of the bowler in the 5 Inns. Only 30+ Balls performaces are counted in this criteria.


Criteria: Points For Economy In Top 5 Inns

TSCEL Ambrose10.0/55.0/48.4/96.0/88.5/131.04100.00
1CEL Ambrose10.0/55.0/48.4/96.0/88.5/131.04100.00
2N Kapil Dev7.0/46.0/58.0/96.0/77.0/101.0797.89
3GD McGrath10.0/86.0/66.0/710.0/139.0/131.1194.29
4SM Pollock10.0/99.5/128.0/107.0/910.0/131.1392.26
5WPUJC Vaas6.0/67.0/88.0/1010.0/138.0/111.1689.83
6J Garner6.0/66.0/66.0/67.5/96.0/71.1888.67
7Wasim Akram7.2/46.0/78.0/117.0/107.0/101.1888.43
8RJ Hadlee6.0/68.0/99.0/1212.0/165.0/71.3875.77
9Imran Khan6.0/79.5/1310.0/147.0/107.0/111.4472.68
10B Lee6.0/58.0/88.0/148.2/1810.0/221.5168.88
11MD Marshall6.0/55.0/75.0/87.2/135.0/91.5766.40
12Waqar Younis5.0/78.0/136.4/118.0/147.0/131.6364.14
13MA Holding5.3/510.0/155.0/86.0/108.4/151.6563.20
14NW Bracken8.0/118.0/159.4/197.0/156.0/131.7459.88
15AA Donald10.0/178.2/1510.0/186.0/116.4/131.8157.73
16M Morkel6.0/106.0/1310.0/227.0/165.0/121.8257.41
17SL Malinga8.0/147.0/1410.0/239.0/219.2/221.8357.12
18SE Bond5.0/710.0/1910.0/219.0/1910.0/231.8456.71
19JJ Bumrah5.0/1210.0/2710.0/2910.0/298.0/242.2845.82
20MA Starc8.0/209.4/269.0/279.0/288.5/282.3744.02


The total of the above four criteria comes out to be 1,000.00 points. The Primary Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the four criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is half of the Overall Rating, i.e. 500 pts.

1Wasim Akram200.00128.79124.01132.36130.4978.0588.43882.13441.07
2GD McGrath151.79133.21128.38136.63133.8582.9394.29861.08430.54
3SM Pollock156.57119.31114.84145.52141.2282.9392.26852.66426.33
4J Garner86.56150.00150.00150.00150.0070.7388.67845.96422.98
5Waqar Younis165.74126.88126.08112.34111.08100.0064.14806.26403.13
6CEL Ambrose89.64125.74123.61142.72140.8778.05100.00800.62400.31
7N Kapil Dev150.00110.71110.39132.93132.4963.4197.89797.82398.91
8WPUJC Vaas159.36111.11103.03129.50125.7973.1789.83791.79395.90
9B Lee151.39124.25123.29117.91117.5885.3768.88788.67394.33
10RJ Hadlee93.68129.78131.28140.54138.8178.0575.77787.91393.95
11MA Starc140.00139.48120.86121.51118.6182.9344.02767.40383.70
12MA Holding84.19133.01130.30140.52140.0665.8563.20757.14378.57
13AA Donald108.37136.28132.46123.11121.2870.7357.73749.95374.98
14M Morkel134.97118.77117.97121.96121.5473.1757.41745.79372.90
15SE Bond58.57144.19132.85131.29127.3982.9356.71733.92366.96
16Imran Khan107.91113.29112.23126.40125.4265.8572.68723.78361.89
17MD Marshall93.08110.38110.13136.44135.9365.8566.40718.21359.11
18SL Malinga134.66107.12101.30113.54111.0682.9357.12707.72353.86
19JJ Bumrah81.13128.50114.79135.91130.4960.9845.82697.62348.81
20NW Bracken69.32119.57120.03125.57125.3373.1759.88692.87346.44


The Conditions

The Conditions Ratings are calculated by applying the four criteria of the Primary Rating to diffirent conditions. Here are those conditions and their weightage. Unfavourable Conditions (UC) is Outside Asia for spin bowlers and In Asia for pacers. Favourable Conditions (FC) is the opposite. Click on the Ratings to see how they were calculated.

  • HOME – 250 PTS
  • AWAY – 1,000 PTS
  • FC – 250 PTS
  • UC – 1,000 PTS


At Home

1SM Pollock12519320.243.51892.25223.06
2Wasim Akram14219423.823.90823.94205.98
3GD McGrath9516020.133.77815.79203.95
4Waqar Younis10318121.284.62781.65195.41
5B Lee9416923.344.69752.45188.11
6Imran Khan698324.143.93731.20182.80
7J Garner193215.383.06727.57181.89
8N Kapil Dev8310027.154.01702.55175.64
9MA Starc458322.045.00683.93170.98
10RJ Hadlee354920.673.35677.13169.28
11SE Bond214019.184.05664.58166.14
12SL Malinga8812728.255.23658.78164.69
13WPUJC Vaas778127.523.88648.42162.10
14CEL Ambrose526525.253.58643.20160.80
15M Morkel406126.874.91631.92157.98
16NW Bracken527724.824.51621.86155.47
17AA Donald628826.354.24606.73151.68
18JJ Bumrah284030.304.93545.87136.47
19MD Marshall172325.744.17523.21130.80
20MA Holding141328.623.44512.66128.17

Away From Home

1J Garner7911419.823.11854.89854.89
2Wasim Akram20930823.353.89852.23852.23
3WPUJC Vaas24331927.544.27832.33832.33
4CEL Ambrose12316023.683.44822.41822.41
5MA Holding8812920.643.31811.29811.29
6GD McGrath15322123.403.96808.61808.61
7AA Donald10018419.604.10797.25797.25
8N Kapil Dev13815327.653.56795.90795.90
9RJ Hadlee7710921.963.29786.49786.49
10Waqar Younis15523525.824.73762.58762.58
11SM Pollock17220028.633.80761.54761.54
12MD Marshall11713427.173.46760.36760.36
13B Lee12321123.374.82755.59755.59
14MA Starc5411222.775.27743.45743.45
15M Morkel7412724.584.99741.50741.50
16JJ Bumrah427322.754.47741.48741.48
17SE Bond5910721.514.37724.45724.45
18SL Malinga13221129.255.43698.21698.21
19NW Bracken649724.014.34682.80682.80
20Imran Khan849928.703.87658.57658.57


Favourable Conditions Rating

Non Asians Outside Asia

1GD McGrath20131221.293.79931.58232.89
2SM Pollock23630924.213.60925.01231.25
3J Garner9013918.153.06924.54231.14
4B Lee18032223.484.80865.86216.47
5RJ Hadlee10614621.993.28854.27213.57
6CEL Ambrose12816523.843.42806.68201.67
7MA Starc8516622.255.16805.84201.46
8MA Holding9012721.553.30795.31198.83
9AA Donald13622222.284.12794.50198.62
10SE Bond6912720.544.21790.82197.70
11M Morkel8213625.044.98763.28190.82
12MD Marshall9912525.473.51754.91188.73
13NW Bracken8912825.734.53706.14176.53

Asians Outside Asia

1Wasim Akram17025223.653.91934.79233.70
2N Kapil Dev8710226.753.41868.86217.22
3Waqar Younis12920624.824.76861.27215.32
4WPUJC Vaas14720127.434.34808.06202.02
5SL Malinga9816328.335.49750.97187.74
6Imran Khan688328.703.88735.26183.81
7JJ Bumrah335027.284.65724.11181.03

Unfavourable Conditions Rating

Non Asians In Asia

1SM Pollock618425.583.96844.70844.70
2CEL Ambrose476024.923.67811.00811.00
3NW Bracken274620.594.06794.56794.56
4GD McGrath476925.324.29785.77785.77
5AA Donald265019.604.33774.29774.29
6B Lee375822.724.53766.79766.79
7M Morkel325226.064.91765.94765.94
8MA Holding121519.803.61732.01732.01
9MA Starc142923.625.13713.52713.52
10MD Marshall353232.783.63711.34711.34
11SE Bond112023.004.78614.96614.96
12RJ Hadlee61216.333.73500.00500.00
12J Garner8732.713.58500.00500.00

Asians In Asia

1Wasim Akram18125023.413.88920.48920.48
2Waqar Younis12921022.894.61845.19845.19
3WPUJC Vaas17319927.644.05836.29836.29
4N Kapil Dev13415127.933.95805.01805.01
5Imran Khan859924.883.91791.86791.86
6SL Malinga12217529.395.24746.31746.31
7JJ Bumrah376323.954.66739.33739.33


The total of the above four criteria comes out to be 2,500.00 points. The Conditions Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the four criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is one-fourth of the Overall Rating, i.e. 250 pts.

1Wasim Akram852.23205.98920.48233.702,212.40221.24
2SM Pollock761.54223.06844.70231.252,060.55206.06
3WPUJC Vaas832.33162.10836.29202.022,032.75203.27
4GD McGrath808.61203.95785.77232.892,031.22203.12
5Waqar Younis762.58195.41845.19215.322,018.50201.85
6CEL Ambrose822.41160.80811.00201.671,995.89199.59
7N Kapil Dev795.90175.64805.01217.221,993.77199.38
8B Lee755.59188.11766.79216.471,926.95192.70
9AA Donald797.25151.68774.29198.621,921.84192.18
10MA Holding811.29128.17732.01198.831,870.29187.03
11M Morkel741.50157.98765.94190.821,856.24185.62
12MA Starc743.45170.98713.52201.461,829.41182.94
13Imran Khan658.57182.80791.86183.811,817.04181.70
14NW Bracken682.80155.47794.56176.531,809.36180.94
15JJ Bumrah741.48136.47739.33181.031,798.30179.83
16SL Malinga698.21164.69746.31187.741,796.95179.70
17MD Marshall760.36130.80711.34188.731,791.22179.12
18J Garner854.89181.89500.00231.141,767.92176.79
19SE Bond724.45166.14614.96197.701,703.26170.33
20RJ Hadlee786.49169.28500.00213.571,669.34166.93


Top Form And World Cup

The Secondary Rating consists of three parts. Top Form is calculated by taking the best 30 consecutive innings of a bowlers such that his overall points are maximum. Top Form is calculated seperately for Home and Away innings. World Cup Rating gives points for performances in World Cups. To see how the ratings were calculated, click on the Rating. The three secondary criteria and thier weightage is as follows:-

  • TOP FORM AWAY – 1,000 PTS
  • WORLD CUP – 1,000 PTS


1Waqar Younis306614.734.07899.40449.70
2GD McGrath306116.563.73886.26443.13
3SM Pollock305716.233.56870.92435.46
4MA Starc306716.664.59837.41418.71
5Wasim Akram305716.703.77820.75410.38
6J Garner193215.383.06815.04407.52
7Imran Khan305117.633.79814.22407.11
8RJ Hadlee304618.263.23813.03406.51
9B Lee306218.734.22792.46396.23
10SL Malinga306119.264.70782.01391.00
11WPUJC Vaas304118.853.40770.14385.07
12M Morkel305322.364.71749.65374.83
13SE Bond214019.184.05733.35366.68
14NW Bracken305221.754.54723.43361.71
15N Kapil Dev304420.573.79721.25360.63
16CEL Ambrose304222.883.57719.98359.99
17AA Donald305122.574.00705.52352.76
18JJ Bumrah284030.304.93606.04303.02
19MD Marshall172325.744.17584.69292.34
20MA Holding141328.623.44561.82280.91


1J Garner305314.002.71948.03948.03
2RJ Hadlee305415.303.11869.29869.29
3GD McGrath305814.953.48851.17851.17
4JJ Bumrah305818.034.15835.22835.22
5AA Donald307015.434.05829.35829.35
6SE Bond305817.503.97825.01825.01
7CEL Ambrose304718.853.22815.47815.47
8N Kapil Dev304918.413.36815.46815.46
9MA Starc306719.764.93812.94812.94
10Wasim Akram305318.303.57804.52804.52
11MA Holding304718.233.09798.32798.32
12MD Marshall304418.803.20778.72778.72
13Waqar Younis305319.834.08765.10765.10
14B Lee306418.594.76758.91758.91
15Imran Khan304319.913.20754.13754.13
16NW Bracken305419.544.43736.49736.49
17M Morkel305421.674.76725.05725.05
18WPUJC Vaas305320.004.02700.84700.84
19SM Pollock304422.553.79692.39692.39
20SL Malinga305423.835.02691.18691.18


1MA Starc184914.824.65886.77886.77
2GD McGrath397118.203.97829.13829.13
3SE Bond163017.273.51751.12751.12
4Imran Khan193419.263.86746.60746.60
5RJ Hadlee132219.142.88739.06739.06
6MA Holding112017.052.94727.30727.30
7WPUJC Vaas314921.223.97724.62724.62
8NW Bracken101616.133.60721.87721.87
9B Lee173517.974.57709.75709.75
10Wasim Akram365523.844.04690.40690.40
11CEL Ambrose172420.793.03681.10681.10
12SL Malinga285622.885.51660.45660.45
13JJ Bumrah91820.614.42656.18656.18
14M Morkel142619.464.66652.43652.43
15AA Donald253824.034.17647.10647.10
16MD Marshall111424.933.09643.09643.09
17N Kapil Dev252831.863.76639.22639.22
18SM Pollock313131.293.61631.54631.54
19J Garner81322.233.21605.76605.76
20Waqar Younis112221.185.00528.65528.65


The total of the above three criteria comes out to be 2,500.00 points. The Conditions Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the three criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is one-fourth of the Overall Rating, i.e. 250 pts.

1GD McGrath443.13851.17829.132,123.43212.34
2MA Starc418.71812.94886.772,118.41211.84
3RJ Hadlee406.51869.29739.062,014.87201.49
4J Garner407.52948.03605.761,961.31196.13
5SE Bond366.68825.01751.121,942.81194.28
6Imran Khan407.11754.13746.601,907.83190.78
7Wasim Akram410.38804.52690.401,905.29190.53
8B Lee396.23758.91709.751,864.89186.49
9CEL Ambrose359.99815.47681.101,856.56185.66
10AA Donald352.76829.35647.101,829.20182.92
11NW Bracken361.71736.49721.871,820.08182.01
12N Kapil Dev360.63815.46639.221,815.30181.53
13WPUJC Vaas385.07700.84724.621,810.52181.05
14MA Holding280.91798.32727.301,806.53180.65
15JJ Bumrah303.02835.22656.181,794.42179.44
16SM Pollock435.46692.39631.541,759.39175.94
17M Morkel374.83725.05652.431,752.30175.23
18Waqar Younis449.70765.10528.651,743.45174.35
19SL Malinga391.00691.18660.451,742.63174.26
20MD Marshall292.34778.72643.091,714.15171.42


Final Rating

The Final Rating is the addition of the points of all the above criteria. The rating is out of 1,000 Pts. Half the points are for Primary Criteria; one-fourth for Conditions; and one-fourth for Secondary Criteria.

1Wasim AkramPAK441.07221.24190.53852.84
2GD McGrathAUS430.54203.12212.34846.01
3SM PollockSA426.33206.06175.94808.32
4J GarnerWI422.98176.79196.13795.90
5CEL AmbroseWI400.31199.59185.66785.56
6WPUJC VaasSL395.90203.27181.05780.22
7N Kapil DevIND398.91199.38181.53779.82
8Waqar YounisPAK403.13201.85174.35779.32
9MA StarcAUS383.70182.94211.84778.48
10B LeeAUS394.33192.70186.49773.52
11RJ HadleeNZ393.95166.93201.49762.38
12AA DonaldSA374.98192.18182.92750.08
13MA HoldingWI378.57187.03180.65746.25
14Imran KhanPAK361.89181.70190.78734.38
15M MorkelSA372.90185.62175.23733.75
16SE BondNZ366.96170.33194.28731.57
17MD MarshallWI359.11179.12171.42709.64
18NW BrackenAUS346.44180.94182.01709.38
19JJ BumrahIND348.81179.83179.44708.08
20SL MalingaSL353.86179.70174.26707.82



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