Top 20 Spin Bowlers of All Time In ODI Cricket

Overall Rating

Our ratings are dynamic, and as new matches are played, the rating of earlier bowlers may change if current bowlers set new benchmarks. It is to be noted that U.A.E. is considered as a second Home for Pakistan and Afghanistan. All home and away stats of Pakistani and Afghani bowlers are calculated accordingly. The Overall Rating is divided into three main sections:-

  • Primary Rating: Which gives points for wickets, average, economy rate (ER) and best bowling performaces by wkts and ER.
  • Conditions Rating: Which gives points for performance of a bowler At Home, Away From Home, In Asia and Outside Asia
  • Secondary Rating: Which gives points for Top Form (Home and Away) and performances in World Cup.
Top Teams (TT)

Top Teams play an integral part in our ODI Rating. The Average (Con) and Economy (Eco) sections are divided into overall stats as well as stats against the top teams. Moreover, the best (BBW) and most economic (BBE) performances only include performances against the top teams. Here is how the Top Teams are calculated:-

  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A team is also included in top teams if it is a World Cup winner in that decade.
  • A bowler’s performace is counted in TT if he played against that team in that decade.
  • Knock Out and Super Six matches of ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy are also included in TT.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.
The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter (TS) is the player which does the best in a criteria. The rating of all other players are calculated as percentage points of TS. Let’s taken an example to understand it:-

  • Let’s assume that Glenn McGrath has taken 500 wkts, which is the highest. This makes him the TS.
  • Another player, say Jason Gillespie, has taken 250 wkts.
  • If the rating is out of 250, McGrath will get the full points (pts), that is 250.
  • The points of Gillespie are calculated as His Wkts/McGrath’s Wkts*250. This comes out to be 125.
  • Thus the formula is (Wkts Taken/Wkts Taken By TS)*Max Points.
  • All ratings are calculated similarly with Wkts being replaced by the Criteria Stat.
  • Obviously, for average the formula is reverased as lower average is better for a bowler.
  • For Average, a bowler is eligible to be TS only if he has taken a minimum number of wickets.
  • For Economy, a bowler is eligible to be TS only if he has bowled a minimum number of balls.
  • If a bowler doesn’t fulfill the min criteria of TS but has done better, he gets the max points but his stat is not taken as benchmark.
  • Lastly, it is to be noted that it is not necessary for a TS to be part of the rating as he might have topped in a criteria but not done well in others.


Min Innings25
Min Innings (TT)25
Min Wickets (TS AVE)100
Min Balls (TS ECO)2500


The Eras

The first criteria Prolific gives points for wkts taken. We have divided ODI cricket into 3 broad eras. This has been done to make it fair for players from earlier era, when less cricket was played, and also for current players, who are in the middle of their careers. Let’s take an example:-

  • Let’s assume Murlidharan has taken 500 wickets, which is the maximum and gives him 250 points.
  • Now, say Ravi Shastri in earlier times took 250 wkts, which was the max for his era.
  • If there are no eras, he would get 50% of the pts, that is 125.
  • Instead of that, we reduced 50 pts (according to %age) from the max to arrive at the figure of 200 pts for Shastri.
  • Now, everyone in his era is compared to Shastri and not Murlidharan.
  • So a player who has taken 50 Wkts in Shastri’s era will get (50/250)*200 pts or 40pts.
  • Eras are calculated by MP, which is the mean of the years a player: First Played (FP) and Last Played (LP).


Criteria: Points For Wickets Taken

Era 1MP before 1991
Era 2MP between 1990 and 2013
Era 3MP greater than 2012
TSAbdul QadirPAK198319931988100132120.00
1Abdul QadirPAK198319931988100132120.00
2RJ ShastriIND198119921986.5136129117.27
3RA HarperWI198319961989.59910090.91
4JE EmbureyENG198019931986.5617669.09
5VJ MarksENG198019881984324440.00
TSM MuralitharanSL199320112002341534200.00
1M MuralitharanSL199320112002341534200.00
2Shahid AfridiPAK199620152005.5372395147.94
3A KumbleIND199020071998.5265337126.22
4ST JayasuriyaSL199020112000.5368323120.97
5DL VettoriNZ199720152006277305114.23
6SK WarneAUS199320051999191293109.74
7Saqlain MushtaqPAK199520031999165288107.87
8Harbhajan SinghIND199820152006.5227269100.75
9Saeed AjmalPAK200820152011.511218468.91
10GB HoggAUS19962008200211315658.43
11BAW MendisSL200820152011.58415256.93
TSShakib Al HasanBAN200620222014218285150.00
1Shakib Al HasanBAN200620222014218285150.00
2Imran TahirSA20112019201510417391.05
3K YadavIND201720222019.56410957.37
4SP NarineWI201120162013.5659248.42
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for bowlers is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen in the decades the bowler played.
  • Second is the average of the opposition batsmen at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s batsmen is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggest that more runs were scored by the batsmen in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was difficult to get Wkts and the bowler will benefit from this.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Bowler Ave/C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is better for bowlers. Broadly speaking, the following bowlers will benefit from this system:-

  • Bowlers who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Asian fast bowlers and Non-Asian spin bowlers whereever applicable.
  • Bowlers who have played in an era where the batsmen dominated, like the present era
  • Bowlers who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.


Criteria: Points For Relative Average

Against All Teams

TSSaqlain Mushtaq165627528821.7937.4421.83150.00
1Saqlain Mushtaq165627528821.7937.4421.83150.00
2BAW Mendis84332415221.8736.7722.31146.77
3Saeed Ajmal112418218422.7338.0322.41146.07
4Imran Tahir104429717324.8440.7222.87143.12
5M Muralitharan3411232653423.0837.6622.99142.43
6SP Narine6524359226.4741.4223.96136.62
7K Yadav64308410928.2942.5724.92131.35
8SK Warne191754129325.7436.7526.26124.65
9Abdul Qadir100344213226.0836.4526.83122.03
10GB Hogg113418815626.8537.1727.08120.88
11VJ Marks3211354425.8034.5727.98116.99
12JE Emburey6123467630.8740.2228.78113.74
13A Kumble2651041233730.9037.1431.20104.94
14Shakib Al Hasan218840128529.4835.3331.29104.63
15DL Vettori277967430531.7237.8231.45104.10
16RA Harper99343110034.3137.3834.4295.11
17Harbhajan Singh227897326933.3636.1734.5894.66
18Shahid Afridi3721363339534.5137.3034.7094.35
19RJ Shastri136465012936.0537.7035.8691.30
20ST Jayasuriya3681186332336.7338.0636.1990.46

Against Top Teams

TSSaeed Ajmal88337914623.1438.0322.82150.00
1Saeed Ajmal88337914623.1438.0322.82150.00
2Saqlain Mushtaq142552823723.3237.4423.36146.52
3SP Narine6223118726.5641.4224.05142.35
4M Muralitharan2791053141325.5037.6625.39134.82
5BAW Mendis60257610225.2536.7725.76132.89
6K Yadav4623167929.3242.5725.82132.56
7SK Warne174695926326.4636.7527.00126.78
8Abdul Qadir98340012726.7736.4527.54124.29
9Imran Tahir85360012030.0040.7227.63123.91
10VJ Marks3211354425.8034.5727.98122.34
11JE Emburey6123467630.8740.2228.78118.93
12GB Hogg96366212429.5337.1729.79114.90
13A Kumble226902927233.1937.1433.52102.13
14DL Vettori244863524535.2437.8234.9597.96
15Harbhajan Singh191775322634.3136.1735.5796.25
16RA Harper9633709535.4737.3835.5996.19
17RJ Shastri131452012635.8737.7035.6895.93
18ST Jayasuriya3201043228037.2638.0636.7193.25
19Shahid Afridi3011133529338.6937.3038.8988.02
20Shakib Al Hasan124515313338.7435.3341.1283.24

The Comparative Economy Rate (C ER) and Relative Economy Rate (R ER) for bowlers is calculated using the same method as in C Ave and R Ave with average replaced with ER. Points to note are:-

  • Modern day bowlers benefit from R ER.
  • This is because scoring rates have increased with time and it has become more difficult to be economic.
  • Rest of the factors are the same as in R Ave


Criteria: Points For R ER

Against All Teams

TSSP Narine65354024354.135.093.65150.00
1SP Narine65354024354.135.093.65150.00
2M Muralitharan34118811123263.934.673.79144.54
3VJ Marks32183811353.714.393.80144.09
4Saeed Ajmal112600041824.184.893.85142.22
5DL Vettori2771406096744.134.743.92139.59
6RA Harper99517534313.984.474.00136.63
7Imran Tahir104554142974.655.064.14132.23
8Harbhajan Singh2271247989734.314.664.16131.36
9Shakib Al Hasan2181135184014.444.804.17131.35
10Abdul Qadir100510034424.054.374.17131.32
11JE Emburey61342523464.114.434.18130.91
12Saqlain Mushtaq165877062754.294.604.20130.21
13SK Warne1911064275414.254.554.20130.12
14A Kumble26514496104124.314.574.24128.95
15RJ Shastri136661346504.224.424.29127.44
16GB Hogg113556441884.524.724.31126.96
17Shahid Afridi37217670136334.634.734.40124.28
18BAW Mendis84415433244.804.854.45122.91
19ST Jayasuriya36814868118634.794.674.61118.60
20K Yadav64352830845.245.084.65117.70

Against Top Teams

TSSP Narine62336023114.135.093.65150.00
1SP Narine62336023114.135.093.65150.00
2VJ Marks32183811353.714.393.80144.08
3M Muralitharan27915621105314.044.673.89140.47
4Saeed Ajmal88476633794.254.893.91139.81
5DL Vettori2441235786354.194.743.98137.43
6RA Harper96500733704.044.474.06134.58
7JE Emburey61342523464.114.434.18130.90
8Abdul Qadir98500134004.084.374.20130.35
9Imran Tahir85455336004.745.064.22129.68
10Saqlain Mushtaq142765055284.344.604.24128.91
11SK Warne174970969594.304.554.25128.63
12Harbhajan Singh1911052877534.424.664.27128.25
13RJ Shastri131639545204.244.424.32126.78
14A Kumble2261235190294.394.574.32126.69
15GB Hogg96471336624.664.724.45122.98
16Shakib Al Hasan124646451534.784.804.49121.93
17Shahid Afridi30114282113354.764.734.53120.81
18ST Jayasuriya32012944104324.844.674.66117.41
19BAW Mendis60302825765.104.854.73115.60
20K Yadav46256023165.435.084.81113.72

In this criteria, we have taken the top 7 bowling performances by Wkts of a bowler against top teams. Best Bowling By Wickets (BBW) is simply the total wickets taken in the 7 innings divided by 7.


Criteria: Points For Wkts Taken In Top 7 Inns

TSM Muralitharan7/305/95/235/235/305/345/445.29100.00
1M Muralitharan7/305/95/235/235/305/345/445.29100.00
2Shahid Afridi6/385/235/355/404/204/304/344.7189.19
2ST Jayasuriya6/295/175/285/584/184/394/494.7189.19
4Saqlain Mushtaq5/205/295/445/454/174/174/264.5786.49
5A Kumble6/125/334/124/254/404/404/504.4383.78
6Saeed Ajmal5/245/434/304/324/334/394/584.2981.08
6SP Narine6/275/274/264/274/374/403/134.2981.08
8BAW Mendis6/134/104/474/514/604/733/214.1478.38
8Abdul Qadir5/445/534/94/174/214/313/234.1478.38
8SK Warne5/334/194/254/294/334/344/364.1478.38
11DL Vettori5/304/144/204/244/244/333/174.0075.68
11Harbhajan Singh5/315/435/564/463/273/273/274.0075.68
11K Yadav6/254/234/394/454/573/203/344.0075.68
14GB Hogg5/325/414/294/493/323/373/403.8672.97
15RJ Shastri5/154/384/403/243/263/303/303.5767.57
15Imran Tahir4/264/274/384/533/263/263/453.5767.57
17RA Harper4/404/464/473/313/343/343/383.4364.86
17Shakib Al Hasan4/334/414/553/273/323/333/473.4364.86
19JE Emburey4/374/393/173/263/313/353/383.2962.16
19VJ Marks5/205/393/303/353/502/122/183.2962.16

In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 bowling performances by Economy of a bowler against top teams. Best Bowling By Economy (BBE) is the Relative Economy of the bowler in the 5 Inns. Only 30+ Balls performaces are counted in this criteria.


Criteria: Points For Economy In Top 5 Inns

TSM Muralitharan10.0/910.0/96.0/69.0/118.0/121.05100.00
1M Muralitharan10.0/910.0/96.0/69.0/118.0/121.05100.00
2Saqlain Mushtaq7.0/99.0/138.0/128.0/139.0/171.5368.88
3Saeed Ajmal7.0/68.0/1510.0/1910.0/2010.0/201.6464.35
4DL Vettori5.2/710.0/149.0/1810.0/2010.0/201.6962.20
5Abdul Qadir10.0/912.0/217.2/1310.0/196.0/131.7061.83
6SK Warne10.0/1110.0/1810.0/1910.0/1910.0/211.7460.46
7RJ Shastri9.3/1410.0/1710.0/177.0/135.0/101.7460.45
8RA Harper9.0/810.0/1510.0/1810.0/229.0/211.7659.74
9A Kumble9.0/117.0/126.1/128.0/177.0/151.7759.30
10JE Emburey11.0/1510.0/198.3/1710.0/2010.0/221.9155.08
11SP Narine7.0/1310.0/2010.0/2110.0/2410.0/251.9454.34
12ST Jayasuriya7.0/125.0/96.2/138.0/1710.0/231.9653.62
13Harbhajan Singh10.0/148.0/1410.0/238.0/1910.0/241.9753.35
14BAW Mendis8.0/137.0/1410.0/229.0/216.1/182.0351.81
15Imran Tahir10.0/149.2/2110.0/2610.0/2610.0/282.0750.77
16Shakib Al Hasan10.0/2010.0/2110.0/225.0/1210.0/252.0850.49
17Shahid Afridi7.2/1510.0/2110.0/248.0/218.0/222.2646.56
18VJ Marks6.0/1210.0/2010.0/2510.0/2710.0/272.4742.56
19GB Hogg10.0/246.3/1610.0/2710.0/286.0/172.5141.85
20K Yadav10.0/259.0/236.0/2010.0/3410.0/342.6839.29


The total of the above four criteria comes out to be 1,000.00 points. The Primary Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the four criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is half of the Overall Rating, i.e. 500 pts.

1M Muralitharan200.00142.43134.82144.54140.47100.00100.00962.25481.13
2Saqlain Mushtaq107.87150.00146.52130.21128.9186.4968.88818.87409.43
3Saeed Ajmal68.91146.07150.00142.22139.8181.0864.35792.45396.23
4Abdul Qadir120.00122.03124.29131.32130.3578.3861.83768.21384.11
5SP Narine48.42136.62142.35150.00150.0081.0854.34762.81381.40
6SK Warne109.74124.65126.78130.12128.6378.3860.46758.75379.37
7Imran Tahir91.05143.12123.91132.23129.6867.5750.77738.33369.16
8A Kumble126.22104.94102.13128.95126.6983.7859.30732.01366.00
9DL Vettori114.23104.1097.96139.59137.4375.6862.20731.18365.59
10Shahid Afridi147.9494.3588.02124.28120.8189.1946.56711.15355.58
11Shakib Al Hasan150.00104.6383.24131.35121.9364.8650.49706.51353.25
12BAW Mendis56.93146.77132.89122.91115.6078.3851.81705.28352.64
13RJ Shastri117.2791.3095.93127.44126.7867.5760.45686.75343.37
14ST Jayasuriya120.9790.4693.25118.60117.4189.1953.62683.51341.76
15JE Emburey69.09113.74118.93130.91130.9062.1655.08680.81340.40
16Harbhajan Singh100.7594.6696.25131.36128.2575.6853.35680.30340.15
17RA Harper90.9195.1196.19136.63134.5864.8659.74678.03339.01
18VJ Marks40.00116.99122.34144.09144.0862.1642.56672.21336.11
19K Yadav57.37131.35132.56117.70113.7275.6839.29667.66333.83
20GB Hogg58.43120.88114.90126.96122.9872.9741.85658.97329.48


The Conditions

The Conditions Ratings are calculated by applying the four criteria of the Primary Rating to diffirent conditions. Here are those conditions and their weightage. Unfavourable Conditions (UC) is Outside Asia for spin bowlers and In Asia for pacers. Favourable Conditions (FC) is the opposite. Click on the Ratings to see how they were calculated.

  • HOME – 250 PTS
  • AWAY – 1,000 PTS
  • FC – 250 PTS
  • UC – 1,000 PTS


At Home

1SP Narine345721.323.81857.00214.25
2M Muralitharan10515424.633.86854.45213.61
3Shakib Al Hasan10816323.134.01796.58199.15
4Saqlain Mushtaq6311521.274.31794.46198.61
5SK Warne8313424.404.17788.46197.12
6Saeed Ajmal396721.974.06766.65191.66
7ST Jayasuriya10911928.314.45754.31188.58
8DL Vettori12012931.574.06748.79187.20
9Shahid Afridi14316732.184.56741.11185.28
10Abdul Qadir495827.593.84723.68180.92
11A Kumble8912628.944.45718.69179.67
12Imran Tahir406824.444.65699.02174.76
13BAW Mendis406724.104.79687.25171.81
14Harbhajan Singh9411035.484.46660.86165.22
15RA Harper233026.533.97636.10159.02
16GB Hogg415728.614.57620.29155.07
17RJ Shastri505234.154.57617.55154.39
18JE Emburey141732.003.82582.78145.69
19K Yadav243835.426.00528.01132.00
20VJ Marks91523.273.49500.00125.00

Away From Home

1M Muralitharan23638022.463.96942.32942.32
2Saqlain Mushtaq10217322.134.28779.58779.58
3Saeed Ajmal7311723.164.25739.28739.28
4Imran Tahir6410525.104.65725.03725.03
5K Yadav407124.484.78713.49713.49
6Abdul Qadir517424.894.25712.70712.70
7SK Warne10815926.864.32703.60703.60
8A Kumble17621132.074.24687.37687.37
9DL Vettori15717631.824.18683.52683.52
10JE Emburey475930.544.21663.83663.83
11RJ Shastri867737.324.03662.39662.39
12Harbhajan Singh13315931.894.21655.29655.29
13Shahid Afridi22922836.224.67648.77648.77
14BAW Mendis448520.114.81645.65645.65
15GB Hogg729925.834.48636.08636.08
16RA Harper767037.643.98633.70633.70
17VJ Marks232927.103.81616.90616.90
18SP Narine313534.864.50602.41602.41
19Shakib Al Hasan11012237.954.87602.39602.39
20ST Jayasuriya25920441.644.94602.20602.20


Favourable Conditions Rating

Non Asians In Asia

1DL Vettori647729.564.07879.08219.77
2Imran Tahir203821.584.73826.82206.71
3SK Warne415629.454.36777.31194.33
4RA Harper464238.243.88745.20186.30
5GB Hogg273824.684.38740.29185.07
6SP Narine172131.384.35703.08175.77
7JE Emburey181934.584.15635.41158.85
8VJ Marks6731.294.38500.00125.00

Asians In Asia

1M Muralitharan20631922.893.83962.19240.55
2Saeed Ajmal6911621.944.07810.93202.73
3Saqlain Mushtaq8716720.584.36795.08198.77
4Abdul Qadir709824.304.04770.43192.61
5Shakib Al Hasan12818524.924.15756.17189.04
6BAW Mendis6111421.214.80744.94186.24
7A Kumble17122230.884.38730.84182.71
8ST Jayasuriya23422533.924.67725.31181.33
9Shahid Afridi22624934.014.64711.02177.76
10Harbhajan Singh15018931.914.35706.19176.55
11RJ Shastri888436.374.38658.25164.56
12K Yadav345333.155.49578.12144.53

Unfavourable Conditions Rating

Non Asians Outside Asia

1SK Warne15023724.864.22903.59903.59
2SP Narine487125.014.05874.19874.19
3DL Vettori21322832.454.15841.48841.48
4Imran Tahir8413525.764.63833.77833.77
5VJ Marks263724.763.57747.25747.25
6JE Emburey435729.634.09741.31741.31
7GB Hogg8611827.544.56720.92720.92
8RA Harper535831.474.07709.96709.96

Asians Outside Asia

1M Muralitharan13521523.374.10913.84913.84
2Saqlain Mushtaq7812123.454.21840.79840.79
3K Yadav305623.704.95771.03771.03
4Abdul Qadir303431.214.07726.73726.73
5RJ Shastri484535.443.94726.56726.56
6A Kumble9411530.924.19722.55722.55
7Shahid Afridi14614635.374.61699.63699.63
8Saeed Ajmal436824.074.37698.29698.29
9Shakib Al Hasan9010037.914.86654.30654.30
10Harbhajan Singh778036.784.25627.20627.20
11ST Jayasuriya1349843.165.01590.05590.05
12BAW Mendis233823.844.80551.50551.50


The total of the above four criteria comes out to be 2,500.00 points. The Conditions Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the four criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is one-fourth of the Overall Rating, i.e. 250 pts.

1M Muralitharan942.32213.61913.84240.552,310.31231.03
2Saqlain Mushtaq779.58198.61840.79198.772,017.75201.77
3SK Warne703.60197.12903.59194.331,998.63199.86
4Imran Tahir725.03174.76833.77206.711,940.26194.03
5DL Vettori683.52187.20841.48219.771,931.96193.20
6SP Narine602.41214.25874.19175.771,866.62186.66
7Saeed Ajmal739.28191.66698.29202.731,831.97183.20
8Abdul Qadir712.70180.92726.73192.611,812.95181.30
9A Kumble687.37179.67722.55182.711,772.30177.23
10K Yadav713.49132.00771.03144.531,761.06176.11
11Shahid Afridi648.77185.28699.63177.761,711.44171.14
12JE Emburey663.83145.69741.31158.851,709.69170.97
13RJ Shastri662.39154.39726.56164.561,707.91170.79
14GB Hogg636.08155.07720.92185.071,697.14169.71
15RA Harper633.70159.02709.96186.301,688.99168.90
16Shakib Al Hasan602.39199.15654.30189.041,644.88164.49
17Harbhajan Singh655.29165.22627.20176.551,624.26162.43
18VJ Marks616.90125.00747.25125.001,614.15161.41
19ST Jayasuriya602.20188.58590.05181.331,562.15156.22
20BAW Mendis645.65171.81551.50186.241,555.19155.52


Top Form And World Cup

The Secondary Rating consists of three parts. Top Form is calculated by taking the best 30 consecutive innings of a bowlers such that his overall points are maximum. Top Form is calculated seperately for Home and Away innings. World Cup Rating gives points for performances in World Cups. To see how the ratings were calculated, click on the Rating. The three secondary criteria and thier weightage is as follows:-

  • TOP FORM AWAY – 1,000 PTS
  • WORLD CUP – 1,000 PTS


1M Muralitharan306413.383.07972.46486.23
2SP Narine305319.573.72880.55440.27
3Saqlain Mushtaq306916.204.08824.19412.09
4SK Warne306217.353.78818.29409.15
5Saeed Ajmal306019.404.15798.04399.02
6Abdul Qadir304322.883.68732.74366.37
7DL Vettori304520.733.67732.65366.32
8Shakib Al Hasan305119.513.58731.32365.66
9A Kumble305720.004.05718.25359.13
10Imran Tahir305024.724.60692.33346.16
11BAW Mendis305023.244.38688.92344.46
12Shahid Afridi305124.944.44666.41333.20
13ST Jayasuriya304224.504.44661.54330.77
14RJ Shastri304127.074.24651.50325.75
15RA Harper233026.533.97622.46311.23
16GB Hogg304426.804.41621.21310.60
17Harbhajan Singh303731.243.99599.47299.74
18JE Emburey141732.003.82550.31275.15
19K Yadav243835.426.00517.91258.96
20VJ Marks91523.273.49500.00250.00


1M Muralitharan305914.903.15955.20955.20
2Saqlain Mushtaq306716.274.03866.89866.89
3K Yadav306020.474.49820.24820.24
4Saeed Ajmal305218.833.75806.52806.52
5Imran Tahir305919.644.26790.31790.31
6DL Vettori305417.803.97782.64782.64
7Abdul Qadir305421.204.17736.43736.43
8BAW Mendis305917.174.35733.50733.50
9RJ Shastri303624.113.42725.68725.68
10SK Warne305122.224.13710.90710.90
11GB Hogg305118.024.31709.48709.48
12JE Emburey304824.714.30699.94699.94
13A Kumble305122.374.14692.62692.62
14Harbhajan Singh304226.073.84654.56654.56
15Shahid Afridi304325.164.19623.77623.77
16VJ Marks232927.103.81614.77614.77
17SP Narine303434.504.49603.54603.54
18ST Jayasuriya303829.974.90595.35595.35
19Shakib Al Hasan303932.624.83557.38557.38
20RA Harper302834.714.05543.80543.80


1M Muralitharan396819.633.89915.93915.93
2Abdul Qadir132421.083.73847.37847.37
3Imran Tahir214021.184.42810.61810.61
4VJ Marks71318.923.15801.91801.91
5GB Hogg203419.244.13800.61800.61
6SK Warne173219.503.83798.48798.48
7RA Harper141827.113.70685.48685.48
8A Kumble183122.844.09681.04681.04
9Saqlain Mushtaq142321.484.40680.95680.95
10DL Vettori313632.444.15620.05620.05
11Shahid Afridi243027.704.52610.69610.69
12Shakib Al Hasan293435.945.12585.49585.49
13ST Jayasuriya312739.264.84583.40583.40
14RJ Shastri121232.424.21569.93569.93
15Harbhajan Singh202040.404.20551.15551.15
16JE Emburey8649.173.73520.52520.52
17SP Narine00NA100.00500.00500.00
17BAW Mendis5719.143.14500.00500.00
17Saeed Ajmal3518.603.58500.00500.00
20K Yadav7656.175.03429.55429.55


The total of the above three criteria comes out to be 2,500.00 points. The Conditions Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the three criteria. The Weightage of the Rating is one-fourth of the Overall Rating, i.e. 250 pts.

1M Muralitharan486.23955.20915.932,357.37235.74
2Saqlain Mushtaq412.09866.89680.951,959.93195.99
3Abdul Qadir366.37736.43847.371,950.17195.02
4Imran Tahir346.16790.31810.611,947.08194.71
5SK Warne409.15710.90798.481,918.53191.85
6GB Hogg310.60709.48800.611,820.70182.07
7DL Vettori366.32782.64620.051,769.02176.90
8A Kumble359.13692.62681.041,732.79173.28
9Saeed Ajmal399.02806.52500.001,705.54170.55
10VJ Marks250.00614.77801.911,666.69166.67
11RJ Shastri325.75725.68569.931,621.37162.14
12BAW Mendis344.46733.50500.001,577.96157.80
13Shahid Afridi333.20623.77610.691,567.66156.77
14SP Narine440.27603.54500.001,543.82154.38
15RA Harper311.23543.80685.481,540.51154.05
16ST Jayasuriya330.77595.35583.401,509.52150.95
17K Yadav258.96820.24429.551,508.75150.87
18Shakib Al Hasan365.66557.38585.491,508.53150.85
19Harbhajan Singh299.74654.56551.151,505.45150.54
20JE Emburey275.15699.94520.521,495.61149.56


Final Rating

The Final Rating is the addition of the points of all the above criteria. The rating is out of 1,000 Pts. Half the points are for Primary Criteria; one-fourth for Conditions; and one-fourth for Secondary Criteria.

1M MuralitharanSL481.13231.03235.74947.89
2Saqlain MushtaqPAK409.43201.77195.99807.20
3SK WarneAUS379.37199.86191.85771.09
4Abdul QadirPAK384.11181.30195.02760.42
5Imran TahirSA369.16194.03194.71757.90
6Saeed AjmalPAK396.23183.20170.55749.98
7DL VettoriNZ365.59193.20176.90735.69
8SP NarineWI381.40186.66154.38722.45
9A KumbleIND366.00177.23173.28716.51
10Shahid AfridiPAK355.58171.14156.77683.49
11GB HoggAUS329.48169.71182.07681.27
12RJ ShastriIND343.37170.79162.14676.30
13Shakib Al HasanBAN353.25164.49150.85668.60
14BAW MendisSL352.64155.52157.80665.96
15VJ MarksENG336.11161.41166.67664.19
16RA HarperWI339.01168.90154.05661.96
17JE EmbureyENG340.40170.97149.56660.93
18K YadavIND333.83176.11150.87660.81
19Harbhajan SinghIND340.15162.43150.54653.12
20ST JayasuriyaSL341.76156.22150.95648.92



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