Top 15 Asian ODI Batsmen Outside Asia

To find out the best Asian ODI batsmen outside Asia, we considered all the batsmen who had a chance of coming in the top 15 based on our criteria. We then judged the batsmen who qualified on the basis of four criteria to arrive at the final top 15 Asian ODI batsmen outside Asia (A out A). It is to be noted that we have mentioned only the final 15 batsmen in all the criteria to make things uncomplicated.

The Trend Setter (TS) is the batsmen who does the best in a criteria. It is not necessary that he is ranked among the top 15. However, his rating is taking as the benchmark.

All ratings are based on some basis. Our rating favours batsmen who have scored more runs at a high average and a good strike rate. Thus runs scored, average and strike rate are the most important criteria. It is to be noted that all stats in the article are till 31/12/2020. We will update the Rankings periodically. So, without further ado, lets find out who are the best ODI Asian Batsmen outside Asia.


This criteria gives points for number of runs scored outside Asia. Runs scored by batsmen in ODI cricket have increased with time as more cricket has been played. To make things fair, we have divided the time from when ODI cricket began into three eras. All batsmen who have made their debut from 1971 to 1984 come under ERA 1. All batsmen who have made their debut from 1985 to 1999 come under ERA 2. All batsmen who have made their debut after 1999 come under ERA 3.

Now, pay attention as this is a complicated feature of the rating:-

  • Sachin Tendulkar in ERA 2 has scored the most runs outside Asia among Asians, i.e. 6359. So he will get the maximum 300.00 points in this criteria. All batsmen in his era are given points as a ratio to his runs.
  • Javed Miandad has scored the most runs in ERA 1, i.e. 3631 runs. If we compare him to Sachin, he will only get 171.3 (3631/6359X300) points.
  • To allow batsmen of his era to compete in the rating, we took the percentage of the runs scored by Miandad compared to Tendulkar, i.e. 57.1%. We then arrived at the round figure of 40 (100% – 60%) and deducted it from the total points to arrive at a figure of 260.00 points for Miandad.
  • All batsmen in the ERA of Miandad will get points as a ratio to his runs and not of Sachin’s runs.
  • We have applied similar mathematics to all the Eras. I hope this has made things clear.

Note: To be a TS in Prolific, the batsman should have scored the maximum runs in his era.

TSJaved MiandadPAK1975199610836313631260.00
1Javed MiandadPAK1975199610836313631260.00
2PA de SilvaSL1984200311531263631223.84
3A RanatungaSL198219998825863631185.17
TSSR TendulkarIND1989201217563596359300.00
1SR TendulkarIND1989201217563596359300.00
2DPMD JayawardeneSL1998201519453086359250.42
3ST JayasuriyaSL1989201117049826359235.04
4SC GangulyIND1992200713649416359233.10
5R DravidIND1996201115847626359224.66
6Mohammad YousufPAK1998201012341376359195.17
7TM DilshanSL1999201613140516359191.11
TSKC SangakkaraSL2000201517159855985290.00
1KC SangakkaraSL2000201517159855985290.00
2V KohliIND2008202111753065985257.10
3RG SharmaIND2007202110942405985205.45
4S DhawanIND201020218132405985156.99
5Fakhar ZamanPAK20172021341772598585.86


In this criteria, points are given for your average in matches outside Asia. Average of batsmen in ODI cricket has gone up with time. Moreover batsmen who play in the top order usually have a higher average. To negate these advantages, we found out the averages of all batsmen in the period a player was active and at a particular position in the batting order. Also, we found out their averages against different opposition so that a player doesn’t get advantage of playing against weak oppositions. All this data was combined to get the Comparative Average or the C AVE. This average is the average of players who played in the same era as the batsmen, at similar positions and against same oppositions.

We then found the Relative Average or R AVE. This average is: A batsman’s average divided by C AVE and then multiplied by 35. It may be considered as an average of a batsman if all batsmen played in the same era. A batsman can earn a maximum of 250.00 points for his R AVE. Everyone else is given points according to their ratio of the average of Trend Setter (TS) , i.e. the batsman with the best R AVE. To remind you again, it is not necessary that TS is among the top 25 batsmen.

Note: To be a TS in Consistent, the batsman should have the best R Average while scoring a minimum of 1,500 runs.

1Fakhar Zaman3441772659.0738.0054.40240.41
2V Kohli1122053061557.6738.6052.29231.09
3RG Sharma1041642401548.1836.6845.97203.16
4SC Ganguly1321249411241.1834.9941.19182.01
5Javed Miandad106123631338.6332.9541.03181.34
6SR Tendulkar1711563591140.7634.8440.96180.99
7TM Dilshan119184051940.1134.6440.52179.09
8Mohammad Yousuf118184137541.3735.9040.34178.25
9KC Sangakkara1642159851041.8536.3740.28178.00
10S Dhawan7943240943.2037.5940.23177.76
11A Ranatunga87112586134.0331.4837.83167.19
12R Dravid146204762437.7935.4237.35165.04
13ST Jayasuriya165449821330.9434.5031.40138.75
14PA de Silva11173126230.0634.0130.93136.70
15DPMD Jayawardene183155308831.6035.8330.86136.38


This criteria gives points for Strike Rates (SR). Like in Average, we have found the Comparative SRs of batsmen and then their Relative SRs. Points too are given in the same way. A maximum of 250.00 points can be earned for your R SR.

Note: To be a TS in Dominant, the batsman should have the best R Strike Rate while scoring a minimum of 1,500 runs at a R Ave of more than 30.

TSST Jayasuriya4982538292.5777.46101.58250.00
1ST Jayasuriya4982538292.5777.46101.58250.00
2Fakhar Zaman17721736102.0788.4298.12241.50
3PA de Silva3126391479.8774.5391.09224.19
4SR Tendulkar6359774882.0777.5989.91221.29
5V Kohli5306587790.2885.6089.65220.64
6S Dhawan3240352192.0288.5488.34217.42
7A Ranatunga2586344175.1573.2287.24214.71
8TM Dilshan4051471885.8683.8187.08214.32
9KC Sangakkara5985755479.2381.8682.27202.47
10DPMD Jayawardene5308674478.7181.5582.04201.91
11RG Sharma4240509283.2786.5081.83201.39
12SC Ganguly4941681072.5677.2979.79196.39
13Mohammad Yousuf4137563873.3879.6878.28192.66
14R Dravid4762688569.1678.4474.95184.47
15Javed Miandad3631588861.6771.4273.39180.63


The last criteria; in which we found out the top 5 scores of a batsman in matches outside Asia. Ave Big Score (BS) is simply the top 5 scores divided by 5. As in the Prolific criteria, we have split the batsmen in ERAs and given points accordingly.

Note: To be a TS in BIP, the batsman should have the best Average High Score in his era.

TSPA de Silva122107979592102.60170.00170.00
1PA de Silva122107979592102.60170.00170.00
2Javed Miandad113107100908999.80170.00165.36
3A Ranatunga1019388868590.60170.00150.12
TSSC Ganguly183141141139127146.20190.00190.00
1SC Ganguly183141141139127146.20190.00190.00
2SR Tendulkar163152146140127145.60190.00189.22
3ST Jayasuriya157152140122122138.60190.00180.12
4TM Dilshan161160117116116134.00190.00174.15
5DPMD Jayawardene144126120115107122.40190.00159.07
6R Dravid14512310510492113.80190.00147.89
7Mohammad Yousuf141105104101100110.20190.00143.21
TSFakhar Zaman210193138117114154.40200.00200.00
1Fakhar Zaman210193138117114154.40200.00200.00
2RG Sharma171140138137137144.60200.00187.31
3V Kohli160133129123120133.00200.00172.28
4S Dhawan137126125117116124.20200.00160.88
5KC Sangakkara134128124117113123.20200.00159.59


The total of the above four criteria comes out to be 1000.00 points. The Unfamiliar Conditions (UC) Rating is the addition of the points a batsman scored in the four criteria. It is important to note that in our Overall rating, Unfamiliar conditions rating is out of 1500 points. This is 1.5 times the Familiar conditions (in Asia for Asians) rating. So, here are the top 15 ODI Asian batsmen outside Asia.

1SR TendulkarIND300.00180.99221.29189.22891.50
2V KohliIND257.10231.09220.64172.28881.11
3KC SangakkaraSL290.00178.00202.47159.59830.06
4ST JayasuriyaSL235.04138.75250.00180.12803.91
5SC GangulyIND233.10182.01196.39190.00801.50
6RG SharmaIND205.45203.16201.39187.31797.30
7Javed MiandadPAK260.00181.34180.63165.36787.33
8Fakhar ZamanPAK85.86240.41241.50200.00767.77
9TM DilshanSL191.11179.09214.32174.15758.67
10PA de SilvaSL223.84136.70224.19170.00754.73
11DPMD JayawardeneSL250.42136.38201.91159.07747.78
12R DravidIND224.66165.04184.47147.89722.06
13A RanatungaSL185.17167.19214.71150.12717.19
14S DhawanIND156.99177.76217.42160.88713.06
15Mohammad YousufPAK195.17178.25192.66143.21709.29

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