Top 25 Batsmen At Home In ODIs

Our One Day International (ODI) ratings take into account all matches from the first ODI match on January 5, 1971 till the below mentioned last update date. The Ratings are divided into 5 sections which take into account the number of runs scored; batting average; strike rate; and best performances by runs and by strike rate. How the rating works is explained in highlighted sections. So, here are the Top 25 batsmen in matches At Home

*Note: All ODI Ratings are updated till 2022-04-16

HOME Rating

This rating only includes stats of batsmen in matches At Home. The rating is divided into sections to make it easy to understand how it is calculated. Before each section, its criteria is highlighted in bold. Our ratings are dynamic, and as new matches are played, the rating of earlier batsmen may change if current batsmen set new benchmarks. It is to be noted that U.A.E. is considered as a second Home for Pakistan and Afghanistan. All stats of Pakistani and Afghani batsmen are calculated accordingly.

Top Teams (TT)

Top Teams play an integral part in our ODI Rating. The Average (Con) and Strike Rate (Att) sections are divided into overall stats as well as stats against the top teams. Moreover, the most runs (BIP) and best SR (QIP) performances only include performances against the top teams. Here is how the Top Teams are calculated:-

  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A team is also included in top teams if it is a World Cup winner in that decade.
  • A batsman’s performace is counted in TT if he played against that team in that decade.
  • Knock Out and Super Six matches of ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy are also included in TT.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.


Min Innings20
Min Runs1500
Min Runs Against Top Teams1000
The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter (TS) is the player which does the best in a criteria. The rating of all other players are calculated as percentage points of TS. Let’s taken an example to understand it:-

  • Let’s assume that Sachin Tendulkar has scored 10,000 runs, which is the highest. This makes him the TS.
  • Another player, say Virat Kohli, has scored 5,000 runs.
  • If the rating is out of 200, Sachin will get the full points (pts), that is 200.
  • The points of Kohli are calculated as His Runs/Sachin’s Runs*200. This comes out to be 100.
  • Thus the formula is (Runs Scored/Runs Scored By TS)*Max Points.
  • All ratings are calculated similarly with Runs being replaced by the Criteria Stat.
  • Lastly, it is to be noted that it is not necessary for a TS to be part of the rating as he might have topped in a criteria but not done well in others.
The Eras

The first criteria Prolific gives points for runs scored. We have divided ODI cricket into 3 broad eras. This has been done to make it fair for players from earlier era, when less cricket was played, and also for current players, who are in the middle of their careers. Let’s take an example:-

  • Let’s assume Ricky Ponting has scored 10,000 runs, which is the maximum and gives him 200 points.
  • Now, say Viv Richards in earlier times scored 5,000 runs, which was the max for his era.
  • If there are no eras, he would get 50% of the pts, that is 100.
  • Instead of that, we reduced 50 pts (according to %age) from the max to arrive at the figure of 150 pts for Richards.
  • Now, everyone in his era is compared to Richards and not Ponting.
  • So a player who has scored 1,000 runs in Richards’ era will get (1000/5000)*150 pts or 30pts.
  • Eras are calculated by MP, which is the mean of the years a player: First Played (FP) and Last Played (LP).


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored

Era 1MP before 1991
Era 2MP between 1990 and 2013
Era 3MP greater than 2012
TSDM JonesAUS1984199419891044069160.00
1DM JonesAUS1984199419891044069160.00
2Javed MiandadPAK197519961985.5893028119.07
3DL HaynesWI197819941986492573101.17
TSSR TendulkarIND198920122000.51606976200.00
1SR TendulkarIND198920122000.51606976200.00
2RT PontingAUS199520122003.51505406154.99
4JH KallisSA1996201420051355178148.45
5MS DhoniIND200420192011.51134351124.74
6CH GayleWI1999201920091174217120.90
7AB de VilliersSA200520182011.5913994114.51
8AC GilchristAUS1996200820021103960113.53
9Saeed AnwarPAK198920031996913775108.23
10Yuvraj SinghIND200020172008.5101341597.91
11BB McCullumNZ200220162009106318891.40
12V SehwagIND19992013200684294084.29
13L KlusenerSA19962004200053152643.75
TSV KohliIND200820222015985020170.00
1V KohliIND200820222015985020170.00
2MJ GuptillNZ200920222015.5994285145.11
3EJG MorganENG200620212013.51144165141.05
4LRPL TaylorNZ2006202220141024104138.98
5RG SharmaIND200720222014.5703696125.16
6HM AmlaSA200820192013.5693498118.46
7Q de KockSA201320222017.553287697.39
8JM BairstowENG20112021201650234279.31
9JC ButtlerENG201220212016.558201268.14
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for batsmen is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen at particluar positions (1-11) in a decade.
  • Second is the average of the opposition bowlers at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s bowlers is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggests that more runs were given by bowlers in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was easier to score runs against those oppositions and in those positions.
  • The batsmen’s points will thus be decreased accordingly.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Batsman’s Ave/His C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is worse for batsmen. Broadly speaking, the following batsmen will benefit from this system:-

  • Opening batsmen, who face the new ball, get a slight advantage.
  • Lower order batsmen, whose averages are lower.
  • Batsmen from earlier times. This is because batting has become progressively easier in ODIs.
  • Batsmen who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Batsmen who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.


Criteria: Points For Relative Average

Against All Teams

TSDL Haynes491125731067.7131.0774.11150.00
1DL Haynes491125731067.7131.0774.11150.00
2L Klusener53241526052.6230.9557.81117.01
3RG Sharma70836961159.6136.1856.03113.41
4MS Dhoni113324351753.7232.8355.63112.60
5V Kohli981250201958.3737.3553.14107.56
6JM Bairstow5082342755.7636.5751.84104.93
8Q de Kock53228761156.3937.8050.73102.68
9HM Amla69534981454.6637.0750.12101.46
10DM Jones104184069447.3132.1650.02101.24
11AB de Villiers91153994952.5536.2249.3499.86
12SR Tendulkar1601569762048.1133.7348.5098.17
13LRPL Taylor1022541041253.3037.6948.0797.31
14Javed Miandad89243028546.5833.4547.3595.84
15JH Kallis135245178646.6533.9746.7094.52
16JC Buttler58132012544.7133.3745.5692.21
17MJ Guptill991142851148.6937.8343.7788.59
18Saeed Anwar91937751046.0435.9343.5688.18
19EJG Morgan114214165644.7835.6142.7686.56
20Yuvraj Singh101193415741.6533.3242.5086.02
21RT Ponting1501254061339.1734.2838.8578.64
22AC Gilchrist11033960937.0133.7137.3375.55
23V Sehwag8422940535.8532.8237.1475.18
24CH Gayle11734217736.9934.8236.1273.11
25BB McCullum106123188233.9134.1233.7968.41

Against Top Teams

TSDL Haynes491125731067.7131.0774.11150.00
1DL Haynes491125731067.7131.0774.11150.00
2L Klusener45211297054.0430.9559.37120.17
3MS Dhoni101274074755.0532.8357.01115.40
4V Kohli73937091457.9537.3552.76106.79
5RG Sharma5152578856.0436.1852.67106.62
6Q de Kock51227901156.9437.8051.22103.68
7LRPL Taylor882137801256.4237.6950.89103.00
8DM Jones103184015447.2432.1649.93101.07
9Javed Miandad83232923548.7233.4549.52100.23
11SR Tendulkar1421263001748.4633.7348.8598.89
12AB de Villiers78133323651.1236.2247.9997.14
13JC Buttler55121965545.7033.3746.5694.25
14JM Bairstow3831735549.5736.5746.0893.28
15JH Kallis121224499645.4433.9745.4992.08
16MJ Guptill871137751049.6737.8344.6590.37
17EJG Morgan102203678444.8535.6142.8386.69
18HM Amla5732501946.3137.0742.4785.97
19Saeed Anwar77631631044.5535.9342.1585.33
20Yuvraj Singh89152885638.9933.3239.7880.52
21RT Ponting1321145471137.5834.2837.2775.44
22V Sehwag7722612434.8332.8236.0873.03
23CH Gayle10013624736.6134.8235.7472.35
24AC Gilchrist10033393734.9833.7135.2871.41
25BB McCullum94112730132.8934.1232.7866.34

The Comparative Strike Rate (C SR) and Relative Strike Rate (R SR) for batsmen is calculated using the same method as in C Ave and R Ave with average replaced with SR. Points to note are:-

  • Opening batsmen are at a disadvantage because of the first powerplay when SR is high.
  • Batsmen from the earlier era benefit from R SR.
  • This is because SR was generally low earlier and it has incresed with time.
  • Rest of the factors are the same as in R Ave.


Criteria: Points For R SR

Against All Teams

TSJC Buttler20121677119.9889.03105.11150.00
1JC Buttler20121677119.9889.03105.11150.00
2V Sehwag29402755106.7279.27105.01149.86
3BB McCullum31882865111.2784.22103.05147.06
4AC Gilchrist3960401098.7578.5398.08139.96
5AB de Villiers39943904102.3183.8895.13135.76
6L Klusener1526164892.6076.6394.26134.51
7DL Haynes2573329278.1665.6292.91132.59
8JM Bairstow23422230105.0288.4292.65132.21
9Q de Kock28762798102.7989.4989.59127.85
10SR Tendulkar6976791888.1076.9889.27127.39
11RG Sharma3696372199.3386.8389.23127.33
12Yuvraj Singh3415377990.3780.1187.98125.55
13V Kohli5020520696.4386.1487.31124.60
14Saeed Anwar3775453683.2275.5385.94122.64
15MS Dhoni4351475091.6083.2085.87122.55
16EJG Morgan4165438894.9286.8485.25121.66
17CH Gayle4217486586.6882.1482.31117.46
18MJ Guptill4285465192.1388.5981.11115.75
19HM Amla3498386290.5787.1581.06115.68
20DM Jones4069573470.9668.5580.74115.22
21Javed Miandad3028403874.9972.5880.59115.00
23RT Ponting5406681979.2878.3278.96112.68
24LRPL Taylor4104474186.5686.3478.20111.60
25JH Kallis5178691174.9277.4475.47107.69

Against Top Teams

TSJC Buttler19651636120.1189.03105.23150.00
1JC Buttler19651636120.1189.03105.23150.00
2V Sehwag26122488104.9879.27103.31147.26
3BB McCullum27302525108.1284.22100.13142.73
4L Klusener1297134596.4376.6398.16139.92
5AC Gilchrist3393349097.2278.5396.56137.64
6DL Haynes2573329278.1665.6292.91132.44
7AB de Villiers3323337698.4383.8891.53130.47
8JM Bairstow17351685102.9788.4290.84129.48
9SR Tendulkar6300713388.3276.9889.49127.57
10Q de Kock27902725102.3989.4989.24127.21
11RG Sharma2578261098.7786.8388.73126.48
12Yuvraj Singh2885318390.6480.1188.25125.79
13V Kohli3709388095.5986.1486.56123.38
14MS Dhoni4074444391.6983.2085.96122.54
15Saeed Anwar3163381582.9175.5385.62122.04
16EJG Morgan3678389994.3386.8484.73120.77
17CH Gayle3624413087.7582.1483.32118.78
18MJ Guptill3775405393.1488.5982.00116.89
19Javed Miandad2923388975.1672.5880.77115.14
20DM Jones4015566370.9068.5580.67114.99
22LRPL Taylor3780433887.1486.3478.72112.21
23RT Ponting4547579578.4678.3278.15111.39
24HM Amla2501292085.6587.1576.66109.27
25JH Kallis4499601774.7777.4475.31107.36
Ave HS

In this criteria, we have taken the top 7 scores of the batsman in the specific condition. Average High Score (Ave HS) is simply the total runs in the 7 innings divided by 7.


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored In The Top 7 Inns

TSRG Sharma264209208*150147141*125177.71100.00
1RG Sharma264209208*150147141*125177.71100.00
2SR Tendulkar200*186*175139137123122154.5786.98
3MJ Guptill237*180*138122*118117*111146.1482.23
4Q de Kock178168*138*135135124121142.7180.31
5DL Haynes152*148145*142*133*117*116136.1476.61
6MS Dhoni183*148139*134124113*107135.4376.21
7V Kohli154*139*138123122121118130.7173.55
8CH Gayle162135132125124123109130.0073.15
9LRPL Taylor181*137128*117113112*109*128.1472.11
10HM Amla154127124122116*112110*123.5769.53
11AC Gilchrist154131124122118116100123.5769.53
12AB de Villiers176128125*121109101*96122.2968.81
13RT Ponting134*124124123119115111121.4368.33
15Yuvraj Singh150138*12111810310395*118.2966.56
16JH Kallis139121*119*109*109*100*95*113.1463.67
17Saeed Anwar131112*111110108*107104*111.8662.94
18JM Bairstow1391281121111068483*109.0061.33
19DM Jones14512110410199*9893*108.7161.17
20JC Buttler129121110*110*1039391*108.1460.85
21V Sehwag146130114*108918582108.0060.77
22Javed Miandad119*116*115*106*10391*80*104.2958.68
23EJG Morgan113107*107103*9289*88*99.8656.19
24BB McCullum11786*8580*79777785.8648.31
25L Klusener92836460*59*595767.7138.10

In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 innings of the batsman with highest strike rate. Quick Innings Strike Rate (QI SR) is the Relative SR of the batsmen in the 5 innings.


Criteria: Points For R SR In The Top 7 Inns by SR

TSBB McCullum77/2551/2259/2655/2550/24221.66100.00
1BB McCullum77/2551/2259/2655/2550/24221.66100.00
2CH Gayle77/2780/4372/41162/9764/46170.1076.74
3EJG Morgan67/3057/2788/4771/4858/41158.6971.59
4JC Buttler110/5554/2990/51129/77121/74154.3969.65
5AC Gilchrist69/3751/2983/50122/9188/66150.2567.79
6MS Dhoni68/3562/3862/4250/3572/53145.0165.42
7AB de Villiers176/10474/4577/47121/8564/48144.7165.29
8V Sehwag74/40146/102114/8252/3982/62141.7063.93
9SR Tendulkar62/38200/147100/7687/6753/41137.8562.19
10MJ Guptill93/30237/16366/4679/56118/88136.3261.50
11Javed Miandad119/7791/7579/6756/49115/103133.2560.11
12Yuvraj Singh138/78103/7678/62150/12779/67130.1358.71
13Q de Kock178/11362/41138/9683/5870/49129.6558.49
14DL Haynes152/126148/136142/132115/112104/102129.2458.31
15DM Jones99/7793/82121/113145/13669/68125.9756.83
16V Kohli100/52115/66123/95122/105154/134123.0055.49
18L Klusener54/3659/4257/4883/7760/57122.5455.28
19JH Kallis53/2680/59109/9474/7082/79122.2255.14
20LRPL Taylor78/5254/37102/70109/84181/147121.3854.76
21RG Sharma264/173208/153209/15865/55125/109120.7454.47
22JM Bairstow139/9283/60128/9379/6651/45118.9453.66
23Saeed Anwar54/3781/75111/104110/10567/65113.1651.05
24RT Ponting93/7472/6188/80106/97134/133110.3449.78
25HM Amla50/36154/134122/113124/126110/11296.2043.40
HM Rating

The HOME (HM) Rating is the addition of the points of all the above criteria. The rating is out of 1,000.


1SR Tendulkar200.0098.1798.89127.39127.5786.9862.19801.18
2DL Haynes101.17150.00150.00132.59132.4476.6158.31801.12
3V Kohli170.00107.56106.79124.60123.3873.5555.49761.38
4RG Sharma125.16113.41106.62127.33126.48100.0054.47753.46
5MS Dhoni124.74112.60115.40122.55122.5476.2165.42739.45
6AB de Villiers114.5199.8697.14135.76130.4768.8165.29711.83
7DM Jones160.00101.24101.07115.22114.9961.1756.83710.53
9MJ Guptill145.1188.5990.37115.75116.8982.2361.50700.45
10Q de Kock97.39102.68103.68127.85127.2180.3158.49697.62
11LRPL Taylor138.9897.31103.00111.60112.2172.1154.76689.97
12JC Buttler68.1492.2194.25150.00150.0060.8569.65685.10
13EJG Morgan141.0586.5686.69121.66120.7756.1971.59684.51
14AC Gilchrist113.5375.5571.41139.96137.6469.5367.79675.42
15JH Kallis148.4594.5292.08107.69107.3663.6755.14668.90
16BB McCullum91.4068.4166.34147.06142.7348.31100.00664.24
17Javed Miandad119.0795.84100.23115.00115.1458.6860.11664.07
18V Sehwag84.2975.1873.03149.86147.2660.7763.93654.32
19JM Bairstow79.31104.9393.28132.21129.4861.3353.66654.21
20CH Gayle120.9073.1172.35117.46118.7873.1576.74652.48
21RT Ponting154.9978.6475.44112.68111.3968.3349.78651.24
22L Klusener43.75117.01120.17134.51139.9238.1055.28648.75
23HM Amla118.46101.4685.97115.68109.2769.5343.40643.77
24Yuvraj Singh97.9186.0280.52125.55125.7966.5658.71641.06
25Saeed Anwar108.2388.1885.33122.64122.0462.9451.05640.41



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