Top 25 ODI Batsmen In Top Form At Home

Our One Day International (ODI) ratings take into account all matches from the first ODI match on January 5, 1971 till the below mentioned last update date. The Ratings are divided into 5 sections which take into account the number of runs scored; batting average; strike rate; and best performances by runs and by strike rate. How the rating works is explained in highlighted sections. So, here are the Top 25 batsmen in their Top Form At Home

*Note: All ODI Ratings are updated till 2022-06-21


This rating only includes stats of batsmen in their Top Form At Home. The rating is divided into sections to make it easy to understand how it is calculated. Before each section, its criteria is highlighted in bold. Our ratings are dynamic, and as new matches are played, the rating of earlier batsmen may change if current batsmen set new benchmarks. Top Form is calculated by taking the best 40 consecutive innings of a batsman such that his overall points are maximum.

Top Teams (TT)

Top Teams play an integral part in our ODI Rating. The Average (Con) and Strike Rate (Att) sections are divided into overall stats as well as stats against the top teams. Moreover, the most runs (BIP) and best SR (QIP) performances only include performances against the top teams. Here is how the Top Teams are calculated:-

  • Win/Loss Ratio is used to determine top teams.
  • The top teams are calculated by decades.
  • To be a top team, the team should be among the top teams of the decade overall.
  • A team is also included in top teams if it is a World Cup winner in that decade.
  • A batsman’s performace is counted in TT if he played against that team in that decade.
  • Knock Out and Super Six matches of ICC World Cup and Champions Trophy are also included in TT.
  • The Top Teams may be found in the last section of the rating.
The Trend Setter

The Trend Setter (TS) is the player which does the best in a criteria. The rating of all other players are calculated as percentage points of TS. Let’s taken an example to understand it:-

  • Let’s assume that Sachin Tendulkar has scored 10,000 runs, which is the highest. This makes him the TS.
  • Another player, say Virat Kohli, has scored 5,000 runs.
  • If the rating is out of 200, Sachin will get the full points (pts), that is 200.
  • The points of Kohli are calculated as His Runs/Sachin’s Runs*200. This comes out to be 100.
  • Thus the formula is (Runs Scored/Runs Scored By TS)*Max Points.
  • All ratings are calculated similarly with Runs being replaced by the Criteria Stat.
  • For Average, a batsman is eligible to be TS only if he has scored a minimum number of runs, which is mentioned in the qualificaton.
  • For Strike Rate, a batsman is eligible to be TS only if he has scored a minimum number of runs and has a minimum average, which are mentioned in the qualificaton.
  • Lastly, it is to be noted that it is not necessary for a TS to be part of the rating as he might have topped in a criteria but not done well in others.


Min Innings10
Min Innings v/s Top Teams10
Min Runs (TS AVE SR)1500
Min Runs v/s Top Teams (TS AVE SR)1500
Min Average (TS SR)30
The Eras

The first criteria Prolific gives points for runs scored. We have divided ODI cricket into 3 broad eras. This has been done to make it fair for players from earlier era, when less cricket was played, and also for current players, who are in the middle of their careers. Let’s take an example:-

  • Let’s assume Ricky Ponting has scored 10,000 runs, which is the maximum and gives him 200 points.
  • Now, say Viv Richards in earlier times scored 5,000 runs, which was the max for his era.
  • If there are no eras, he would get 50% of the pts, that is 100.
  • Instead of that, we reduced 50 pts (according to %age) from the max to arrive at the figure of 150 pts for Richards.
  • Now, everyone in his era is compared to Richards and not Ponting.
  • So a player who has scored 1,000 runs in Richards’ era will get (1000/5000)*150 pts or 30pts.
  • Eras are calculated by MP, which is the mean of the years a player: First Played (FP) and Last Played (LP).


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored

Era 1MP before 1991
Era 2MP between 1990 and 2013
Era 3MP greater than 2012
TSDL HaynesWI1978-02-221992-04-12402131180.00
1DL HaynesWI1978-02-221992-04-12402131180.00
2DM JonesAUS1987-02-011990-12-18401897160.23
3Javed MiandadPAK1982-03-121987-10-08401651139.46
4Zaheer AbbasPAK1974-08-311985-11-03261310110.65
TSSR TendulkarIND1994-10-301999-11-08402217180.00
1SR TendulkarIND1994-10-301999-11-08402217180.00
2AB de VilliersSA2010-10-222017-10-18402165175.78
3TM DilshanSL2010-08-222014-07-09402022164.17
4KC SangakkaraSL2011-03-052014-12-13401959159.05
5Saeed AnwarPAK1993-02-021996-11-13401922156.05
7AC GilchristAUS2002-06-192007-01-14401855150.61
8MS DhoniIND2009-10-282014-10-11401728140.30
9BB McCullumNZ2012-02-052016-02-08401565127.06
10L KlusenerSA1999-01-222004-02-01401298105.39
TSV KohliIND2013-10-132018-10-27402703200.00
1V KohliIND2013-10-132018-10-27402703200.00
2RG SharmaIND2013-01-232019-03-02402430179.80
3Q de KockSA2013-11-242020-02-29402370175.36
4MJ GuptillNZ2015-03-082019-02-20402190162.04
5DA WarnerAUS2012-02-172017-01-26402160159.82
6SPD SmithAUS2011-01-262020-11-29402072153.31
7JM BairstowENG2016-09-012021-06-29402048151.54
8LRPL TaylorNZ2015-03-082020-02-11401969145.69
9JJ RoyENG2015-09-052019-07-11401947144.06
10EJG MorganENG2015-06-122019-05-30401829135.33
11JC ButtlerENG2013-09-142019-06-03401656122.53
C Ave

The Comparative Average (C Ave) for batsmen is calculated by taken into account two factors:-

  • First is the average of batsmen at particluar positions (1-11) in a decade.
  • Second is the average of the opposition bowlers at Home, in Asia or outside Asia; whichever is applicable.
  • The average of the opposing team’s bowlers is also calculated by decades.
  • Higher C Ave suggests that more runs were given by bowlers in the above mentioned factors.
  • Thus it was easier to score runs against those oppositions and in those positions.
  • The batsmen’s points will thus be decreased accordingly.
  • Lower C Ave means the opposite.
R Ave

The Relative Average (R Ave) is calculated using the C Ave. Its formula is (Batsman’s Ave/His C Ave)*A Constant Factor. This constant doesn’t affect the rating as it is the same for everone. If your C Ave is comparatively high, your R Ave will be low; which is worse for batsmen. Broadly speaking, the following batsmen will benefit from this system:-

  • Opening batsmen, who face the new ball, get a slight advantage.
  • Lower order batsmen, whose averages are lower.
  • Batsmen from earlier times. This is because batting has become progressively easier in ODIs.
  • Batsmen who have played more in unfavourable conditions.
  • Batsmen who have played more against top opposition than weaker teams.


Criteria: Points For Relative Average

Against All Teams

TSMS Dhoni4018172878.5532.2482.84150.00
1MS Dhoni4018172878.5532.2482.84150.00
2L Klusener4022129872.1129.8582.15148.75
3DL Haynes4011213173.4830.7281.32147.25
4V Kohli406270379.5035.8775.36136.46
5Javed Miandad4016165168.7931.9973.12132.40
6RG Sharma405243069.4334.2368.96124.87
7LRPL Taylor4013196972.9336.1268.64124.29
8AB de Villiers408216567.6635.7464.36116.54
9SR Tendulkar404221761.5832.7863.88115.67
11DM Jones408189759.2832.3662.28112.77
12TM Dilshan407202261.2733.5762.06112.37
13JC Buttler4012165659.1432.6261.65111.64
14MJ Guptill406219064.4136.4760.05108.74
15Zaheer Abbas263131056.9632.2860.00108.64
16Q de Kock402237062.3736.0658.80106.48
17SPD Smith406207260.9435.9157.70104.47
18Saeed Anwar406192256.5333.6157.18103.54
19KC Sangakkara406195957.6234.3257.08103.36
20JM Bairstow405204858.5135.4956.06101.51
21EJG Morgan407182955.4235.2153.5296.92
22DA Warner401216055.3835.1853.5296.91
23AC Gilchrist401185547.5633.2648.6288.03
24JJ Roy402194751.2435.8848.5587.92
25BB McCullum402156541.1833.1042.3076.60

Against Top Teams

TSMS Dhoni3213150779.3232.2483.65150.00
1MS Dhoni3213150779.3232.2483.65150.00
2DL Haynes4011213173.4830.7281.32145.82
3L Klusener3519109468.3829.8577.89139.67
4Javed Miandad4016165168.7931.9973.12131.12
5V Kohli315190473.2335.8769.42124.48
6RG Sharma323195367.3434.2366.89119.94
7LRPL Taylor3610179268.9236.1264.87116.33
8SR Tendulkar332193062.2632.7864.58115.80
9Zaheer Abbas233121960.9532.2864.20115.13
10TM Dilshan357174362.2533.5763.05113.05
11DM Jones408189759.2832.3662.28111.67
12JC Buttler3811161159.6732.6262.20111.53
13AB de Villiers368180764.5435.7461.39110.08
14MJ Guptill396213364.6436.4760.26108.06
15Q de Kock382228463.4436.0659.82107.26
17EJG Morgan357171461.2135.2159.12106.00
18KC Sangakkara395194857.2934.3256.76101.78
19SPD Smith396197759.9135.9156.72101.70
20Saeed Anwar313149453.3633.6153.9796.78
21DA Warner380196151.6135.1849.8789.42
22JM Bairstow280144151.4635.4949.3188.41
23JJ Roy362174751.3835.8848.6987.31
24AC Gilchrist331142044.3833.2645.3681.33
25BB McCullum322126542.1733.1043.3177.67

The Comparative Strike Rate (C SR) and Relative Strike Rate (R SR) for batsmen is calculated using the same method as in C Ave and R Ave with average replaced with SR. Points to note are:-

  • Opening batsmen are at a disadvantage because of the first powerplay when SR is high.
  • Batsmen from the earlier era benefit from R SR.
  • This is because SR was generally low earlier and it has incresed with time.
  • Rest of the factors are the same as in R Ave.


Criteria: Points For R SR

Against All Teams

TSBB McCullum15651210129.3482.65122.06150.00
1BB McCullum15651210129.3482.65122.06150.00
2Zaheer Abbas13101284102.0270.54112.82138.64
3AC Gilchrist18551649112.4978.02112.46138.20
4JC Buttler16561361121.6888.19107.61132.24
5AB de Villiers21651918112.8883.86104.99129.01
6JJ Roy19471729112.6188.3899.38122.13
7L Klusener1298136295.3075.4298.56121.12
8RG Sharma24302299105.7084.2797.84120.23
9DL Haynes2131266779.9066.1794.18115.74
10V Kohli27032640102.3984.8594.12115.67
11EJG Morgan18291769103.3986.1093.66115.10
12JM Bairstow20481940105.5787.9993.58115.00
13Q de Kock23702263104.7387.5093.36114.72
14DA Warner21602092103.2587.0492.53113.70
15SR Tendulkar2217250288.6175.9790.97111.79
16MJ Guptill21902174100.7487.0890.23110.88
17MS Dhoni1728181095.4782.6290.13110.75
18Javed Miandad1651202881.4170.7589.76110.30
19Saeed Anwar1922226584.8674.5188.83109.15
20SPD Smith2072211897.8387.0687.65107.71
22TM Dilshan2022223690.4383.2184.76104.16
23LRPL Taylor1969220189.4684.3582.73101.66
24KC Sangakkara1959228685.7081.2082.31101.15
25DM Jones1897262972.1669.2581.2899.88

Against Top Teams

TSJC Buttler16111322121.8688.19107.78150.00
1BB McCullum1265982128.8282.65121.57150.00
2Zaheer Abbas12191182103.1370.54114.04150.00
3AC Gilchrist14201267112.0878.02112.04150.00
4JC Buttler16111322121.8688.19107.78150.00
5L Klusener1094109999.5575.42102.95143.28
6AB de Villiers18071656109.1283.86101.49141.25
7JJ Roy17471555112.3588.3899.15138.00
8RG Sharma19531858105.1184.2797.29135.41
9DL Haynes2131266779.9066.1794.18131.08
10EJG Morgan17141649103.9486.1094.16131.05
11Q de Kock22842190104.2987.5092.97129.39
12V Kohli19041886100.9584.8592.81129.17
13JM Bairstow14411395103.3087.9991.57127.44
14MS Dhoni1507155996.6682.6291.26127.00
15MJ Guptill21332098101.6787.0891.07126.74
16SR Tendulkar1930217688.6975.9791.06126.74
17DA Warner19611953100.4187.0489.98125.23
18Javed Miandad1651202881.4170.7589.76124.92
19Saeed Anwar1494176384.7474.5188.71123.46
20SPD Smith1977202097.8787.0687.69122.04
21LRPL Taylor1792196491.2484.3584.38117.43
23TM Dilshan1743196588.7083.2183.15115.72
24KC Sangakkara1948227985.4881.2082.10114.27
25DM Jones1897262972.1669.2581.28113.12
Ave HS

In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 scores of the batsman in the specific condition. Average High Score (Ave HS) is simply the total runs in the 5 innings divided by 5.


Criteria: Points For Runs Scored In The Top 5 Inns

TSRG Sharma264209208*150147195.60100.00
1RG Sharma264209208*150147195.60100.00
2MJ Guptill237*180*138118117*158.0080.78
3DA Warner179163156130127151.0077.20
4Q de Kock178168*138*135135150.8077.10
5DL Haynes152*148145*142*133*144.0073.62
6V Kohli154*139*138122121134.8068.92
7JJ Roy162153120114112*132.2067.59
8SR Tendulkar186*137117114105131.8067.38
9LRPL Taylor181*137113109*107129.4066.16
10AB de Villiers176128125*109101*127.8065.34
11SPD Smith164149108*105105126.2064.52
12KC Sangakkara1691331129791120.4061.55
13JM Bairstow139128112111106119.2060.94
14TM Dilshan125119*115*113*110116.4059.51
15MS Dhoni139*124113*10791*114.8058.69
16JC Buttler129121110*110*103114.6058.59
17Saeed Anwar131112*111110107114.2058.38
19Zaheer Abbas123118113109105113.6058.08
20AC Gilchrist1241221169588109.0055.73
21Javed Miandad119*116*106*10391*107.0054.70
22DM Jones14593*939285*101.6051.94
23EJG Morgan1131079288*8897.6049.90
24BB McCullum1178579777486.4044.17
25L Klusener836460*59*5965.0033.23

In this criteria, we have taken the top 5 innings of the batsman with highest strike rate. Quick Innings Strike Rate (QI SR) is the Relative SR of the batsmen in the 5 innings. Only 50+ runs innings are counted in this criteria.


Criteria: Points For R SR In The Top 5 Inns by SR

TSBB McCullum77/2551/2259/2655/2550/24225.88100.00
1BB McCullum77/2551/2259/2655/2550/24225.88100.00
2JC Buttler110/5554/2990/51129/77121/74155.8669.00
3EJG Morgan67/3057/2788/4771/48113/82153.3167.87
4AB de Villiers176/10474/4577/4764/4852/40145.0864.23
5AC Gilchrist69/37122/9188/6695/7268/54138.0861.13
6MJ Guptill93/30237/16379/56118/88180/138133.3259.02
7Javed Miandad119/7791/7556/4956/54103/100131.9958.43
8Q de Kock178/113138/9683/5870/4994/70130.0257.56
9MS Dhoni68/3562/3872/5387/70124/107128.6856.97
10SPD Smith51/29104/64105/6673/55105/93127.8256.59
11DL Haynes152/126148/136142/132104/10285/86127.7956.58
12L Klusener54/3659/4257/4883/7760/57124.5155.12
13RG Sharma264/173208/153209/15865/55125/109124.4255.08
14JJ Roy63/4576/55162/11882/6185/65120.0753.16
15V Kohli100/52115/66122/105154/134139/126119.9153.09
16SR Tendulkar186/15062/54100/8865/5990/84118.7252.56
17DM Jones93/82145/13669/6892/9185/89116.9951.79
18KC Sangakkara75/45169/13771/5988/8463/62115.6651.20
19JM Bairstow139/92128/9379/6651/45106/99112.8849.97
20Saeed Anwar54/37111/104110/10571/69107/108112.1049.63
22LRPL Taylor54/37109/84181/147107/101137/131108.7548.14
23DA Warner179/128156/128127/115130/119122/113106.1146.97
24TM Dilshan102/9553/50113/10850/49125/12896.5742.75
25Zaheer Abbas78.0034.53
TF HM Rating

The TOP FORM – HOME (TF HM) Rating is the addition of the points of all the above criteria. The rating is out of 1,000.


1DL Haynes180.00147.25145.82115.74131.0873.6256.58850.08
2RG Sharma179.80124.87119.94120.23135.41100.0055.08835.33
3V Kohli200.00136.46124.48115.67129.1768.9253.09827.78
4AB de Villiers175.78116.54110.08129.01141.2565.3464.23802.23
5MS Dhoni140.30150.00150.00110.75127.0058.6956.97793.71
6SR Tendulkar180.00115.67115.80111.79126.7467.3852.56769.94
7Q de Kock175.36106.48107.26114.72129.3977.1057.56767.87
8MJ Guptill162.04108.74108.06110.88126.7480.7859.02756.27
9JC Buttler122.53111.64111.53132.24150.0058.5969.00755.53
10Javed Miandad139.46132.40131.12110.30124.9254.7058.43751.34
11L Klusener105.39148.75139.67121.12143.2833.2355.12746.56
12BB McCullum127.0676.6077.67150.00150.0044.17100.00725.50
13AC Gilchrist150.6188.0381.33138.20150.0055.7361.13725.02
14LRPL Taylor145.69124.29116.33101.66117.4366.1648.14719.71
15Zaheer Abbas110.65108.64115.13138.64150.0058.0834.53715.66
16TM Dilshan164.17112.37113.05104.16115.7259.5142.75711.73
17SPD Smith153.31104.47101.70107.71122.0464.5256.59710.34
18DA Warner159.8296.9189.42113.70125.2377.2046.97709.26
19EJG Morgan135.3396.92106.00115.10131.0549.9067.87702.17
20DM Jones160.23112.77111.6799.88113.1251.9451.79701.40
21JJ Roy144.0687.9287.31122.13138.0067.5953.16700.16
23Saeed Anwar156.05103.5496.78109.15123.4658.3849.63697.00
24JM Bairstow151.54101.5188.41115.00127.4460.9449.97694.82
25KC Sangakkara159.05103.36101.78101.15114.2761.5551.20692.37



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